Shock Rule Amendment – Late Model Sportsman Division

In Track News by Jeffery Parish

We worked hard to have a unified rule set in print by October this year. This past week I have had a dialogue with Donnie Ritter at Springport about rules amendments that have appeared in Kalamazoo’s late model sportsman shock rule.  Corrigan Oil Speedway will adopt this rule amendment as well.  Single rebound adjustable shocks will be allowed in the Late Model Sportsman division in order to promote a unified rule set for this division.  We are doing what we can to shape a uniform set for people that race at more than one facility and or people that travel for special events. We are doing our best to shape these rule sets in a direction that will widen car counts on our weekly and special event shows. We are working hard for our fans.  If you have questions, you can call or text me at 989.395.0933. Thank you, Jeff