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Wed Mar 6 07:00:12 EST 2013

Hello Everyone,

As usual I will start by saying that I wish I would do a better job with
the Spartan
Speedway newsletter, especially since in this day and age communication has
evolved into one of the easier tasks. When we started the newsletter I
thought we
would have many guest writers but once again my assumption was incorrect.

Our 2013 season is slowly coming together very nicely. The Spartan tentative
schedule is posted online and you can anticipate a couple of changes so
check back once the season gets underway on April 26th. By the way practice
dates are April 20th and the 21st.

Some of you may be aware that Spartan Speedway purchased the Michigan
Legends from John Turnbull during the off season. The now Sawyers Chevrolet
Super Store Michigan Legends will be brought to you by Turbo Blue Racing
Gasolines. In addition to Legends car sales, parts and service, this season
Spartan will also initiate a Bandolero division for ages 8 to 12.
regarding these race cars is at

The Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks and BOSS Snow Equipment Pony Stocks
continue to add to their car counts which will improve the weekly show. Our
Spartan Sprints appear to be growing with their car counts increasing also.
Personally I think we must have this program down pretty well based on the
that other race facilities are now following suit and adopting Spartan
rules and procedures.

One plug I would like to make is for the Spartan Speedway fund raising
The fund raising program has facilitated the generation of thousands of
in around twenty different communities. Basically the non-profit group does
all of
the selling and leg work and Spartan Speedway coordinates and facilitates
event. There is no cost and absolutely no risk to the non-profit. This
program is in
it's 6th season and is quickly growing in popularity. It is so easy that
people often
ask what the catch is.

If you are a regular visitor at Spartan Speedway and happen to have a
you would like to advertise please let me know. We have many options. The
best value is the Lucky Number Program. An ad in the program cost $500 and
includes 2 general admission passes which just so happens are valued at
The tickets can be handed out to anyone you wish, and could easily be used
employee perks and customer appreciation gifts.

If you are reading this and would like to be a guest writer, have a comment
question please contact me at spartanspeedway at

See you in the Spring,
Jim Leasure
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