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Mon Oct 25 19:21:16 EDT 2010

Today is October, 23rd, 2010 and I can now say that any race conversation has switched from the 2010 season to the 2011 season, so 2010 must now be officially in the record books.

Looking back at 2010 I feel a sense of pride for the changes and additions made at Spartan Speedway this year, a few of the highlights were;
  a..     Start of the Spartan Wingless Sprint Division 
  b..     Split divisions in the Pony Stock Division 
  c..     Expanding the "gimmick" events such as the Flag Pole and Trailer Races 
  d..     The Spartan Championship Showdown 
  e..     Moving the ice cream and beverages to a stand alone location for easier and quicker access 
  f..     The new "Food Court" 
  g..     And......of course the new bleachers
All of the additions and changes brought positive feedback, which is what I use to gauge whether or not we are making good decisions, sort of our own report card.

We had 6 new champions in 2010;
  a..     Logan Beckwith 
  b..     Sonny Coito 
  c..     Jimmy Heeney 
  d..     Mark Carson 
  e..     Todd Metz, JR 
  f..     Scott Sparagowski
Congratulations to all of them!!

Spartan Speedway will be testing the waters again in 2011 with a new division, the Spartan Stock division, which will replace the Pure Stock and Sportsman divisions.  The Spartan Stock division will have about 6 or 7 basic rules that are designed to allow almost every stock car ever built to either race again or to keep racing.  

Over the years our rules have been changed time and time again.  This practice has always created a burden for drivers/owners. Now that we have technology we can use to track the times different cars are turning, matching them up with their peers is easy to do.  This style of racing is referred to as bracket racing and it isn't new, in fact it has been used for years but mostly in drag racing.  We are just tweaking it to fit oval racing.

The Spartan Stock rules will be on our website by mid November and they will relieve our drivers of a lot of expense and work, thus creating a strong ABC Bracket Division.

That is it for now......Thank you to everyone who helped make 2010 a success.  We are now in 2011 mode and working every day to be ready.

Jim Leasure

ps.  I need guest writers (this is easy).
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