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 I don't know why the Newsletter is such a big deal to get out each month during the off season but it seems to be.  I have tried to solicit people to participate in the writing of the Newsletter but I have zero takers.  I think I am asking for guest writers because I know I will struggle to take the time to think of topics and write about them.  So basically I am trying to get someone else to do what I have committed to doing.  The Newsletter is important to me so even though it may not be timely please just consider it is still alive.  I think staying in contact with our patrons, drivers, crews, car owners and sponsors is important. I hope to do a better job going forward.


During the race season I keep a list of things that I would either like to or must accomplish during the off season.  At the top of the must do list this year are the bleachers.  This project has been three years in the planning and is finally going to be completed before the start of the 2010 season.  Our old thirteen row set of wooden bleachers is being replaced with a thirty row set of aluminum bleachers.  Spartan's old bleachers were installed in 1955 and came down last month.  The latest progress report is all of the footings have been installed and the steel is going up as I write this better late than never Newsletter.


Another item on my list of must do is some restructuring of the Pony division.  This is also well under way.  Most of the changes are in the areas of procedures and race format.  The reason I feel that we need to reevaluate the way the division is structured is because the Pony division was originally started to attract beginner drivers, newbies, people that have not yet developed their racing skills.  I don't know if you've noticed but I have. This is not a beginner's division.  The Pony division is a highly competitive group of talented people that don't sleep at night because they are lying awake thinking of ways to gain .05 of a second.  That is not a half of second by the way, it is 5 hundredths of a second.  I think it is important for the health of the track to have a division for not only beginners and people with less experience but for low budget teams as well.  We have taken some painless steps to split this division based on qualifying times, which will allow for teams to be racing with their peers.    


Another addition to the Spartan schedule starting in 2010 will be the Spartan Wingless Sprints (or a similar name).  Nights that we do not have the Late Models scheduled we will have the Spartan Wingless Sprints scheduled.  Now this is one of those decisions that may be a home run or I may end up looking a little foolish but I think the risk will be well worth taking.  There has been some lobbying and arm twisting going on for a while now.  The people that have been pushing for this are well seasoned drivers/owners that have forgotten more about racing that I will ever know so I am putting my faith and trust in them.  

To be honest I will be surprised if this division isn't successful and I base my opinion on the level of interest already shown and by the reputation and experience of the people that are involved.  You'll have to come to a show to catch the names.


There will be no weekly Sportsman division in 2010, however the Sportsman will be scheduled for all five Sunday Slugfest shows.  We will be operating with almost identical rules as we did for the 2009 Harvest.  There will be a much deserved purse increase for the Sportsman as well, which should encourage plenty of participation.  There were 31 Sportsman at the Harvest race last season.


Lastly the web site will receive many updates as more information becomes available and time permits.  I am feeding Jim Barker lots of information to be added or changed but unfortunately for Jim he has to perform his day job as well (Jim and I have worked together for over 25 years). 


In closing I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and remind everyone that Spartan Speedway season tickets make a great Christmas gift.  Also if there is anyone who would like to write about racing and Spartan Speedway please drop me a line.  You don't have to be a professional writer, the office staff will go over your letter, do some tweaking if needed and make you sound pretty good.


See you in April,

Jim Leasure



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