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            Happy New Year, to all of our Race Friends, Family, and Fans,

                 As another race season quickly approaches us, I'm sure all of you like myself are rushing around doing last minute preparations.  I have a feeling that this Race Season will be a good one for all.  The economy has had its ups and downs and has taken its toll on everyone I'm sure.  Race Season will bring us all back together and take our mind off everything while we are spending our Friday nights at the track, and not having Cabin Fever, sitting around at home dwelling on what's going to happen next in this crazy world that we live in. 


                 Anyway, a little bit about me.  I have been married to my wife Dora for over 21 years.  We have two daughters Keisha (Bobby) and Erron (Schad).  We are also blessed with three grandchildren Caiden, Ty, and Brooke.  I have been involved with racing since I was fifteen years old.  I started out doing Demolition Derbies at the local 4-H fairs, while continuing my Derby racing I decided to try Figure 8's, and continued to do them the last 5 years of running in the derby, then retired that fun after 35 years.  I became involved with the #93 Winston Cup Chrysler for three years in the mid 80's, did a lot of traveling with the Winston Cup Circuit, and met a lot of great people.  I have always loved racing, and being involved with it, and will continue expanding my racing involvement.  I started my career fresh out of high school.  I grew up working at Beacon Sales Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep in Charlotte.  My Dad started the dealership in 1954, which is still family owned, and family operated.  So I have grown up there my whole life.  I have been on the payroll for 28 years, and have been to numerous training schools put on by Chrysler.  See- even my career consists of working around cars, selling them, painting them, fixing them, and sometimes even towing them.  


                 My involvement in Short Track racing began in 2003 which started out sponsoring Perry Davenport in the #6 Dodge Modified.  We have grown in sponsorship over the last six years.  Our "Racing Family" now includes two Modifieds, Perry Davenport #6, and Dusty Carl #17.  Eleven Pony Stocks, Mathew Vainner #07, Brian Beckner #11, Wayne Beckner Jr. #47, Edson Rowley III #55, Yogi Metz #62, Joe Bate #63, Todd Metz #79, Bill McBride #80, Misty Allen #82, Steve Wrenn #94, and Dennis O'Neil #95.  We also have a Super Late Model #T2 driven by Doc Dutton and of course the lime green #11 Short Track Truck driven by Keith Wioncek, and that makes up TEAM DODGE!  We have had several accomplishments which include multiple fast times, multiple heat wins, multiple feature wins, a few championship seasons, multiple Figure 8 wins, a couple School Bus Figure 8 feature wins, Crowd Favorite Bus (Camo Bus, in honor and in memory of our Troops) and a Figure 8 Championship.  


                 Keisha (my daughter) is working on a new design for the 2009 Race Program, so be sure to check that out. We have great plans in the works for the 2009 season and some good promotions.  My family and I have made some great friends since we have been involved in Short Track Racing, and have made some everlasting memories.  I must thank Jim Leasure for choosing me as the writer of the February edition of the Newsletter.  It was an honor to be able to shed a little light on me, my background and my Team instead of being known as the "Team Dodge Guy" although a lot of you know me already.  It is such a pleasure for my family and I to work with Jim and his staff at Spartan Speedway every year, together we are able to get all of the Team Dodge Promotions to come together so, Thank You! 


                 Be sure to stay tuned for details on the 2009 Dodge Night.  We always try to make it a fun night for everyone, and make lasting memories with our racing family.  I must say Keisha is already thinking up her idea for the School Bus Figure 8's, and she has came up with a pretty cool paint scheme, I have been told that I can't tell anyone.  So, I guess you will all be in for a surprise when the time comes.  We, the Howe Family thank our Fans, Friends, Family and Staff of Spartan Speedway along with Jim Leasure for all of your help, and continued support with Local Short Track Racing, without all of you our Friday nights would not be possible.  A little side note- I must add Keisha helped me a lot with this, I am not much of a typer, and it would have taken me a while to write, and type this. So, I gave her some notes, and told her to work her magic, and this is what she came up with.  Can't wait to see you all at the Track!! 


            Thank You, David Howe. 


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