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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

This November News letter is the first of many more to come.  Spartan is launching our newsletter on a monthly basis to try to stay in touch with our many race friends during the Winter months.  We will also be asking different guest writers to participate each month.

We have sold Springport and will concentrate our efforts on Spartan now.  At the time of this writing I do not have any information to pass along regarding the plans for Springport, except that the name has been changed to Mid-Michigan Speedway.

There are a couple of racing families that have lots to be thankful for this holiday season.  The Duttons and the Loughans have had a brush with some health issues.  Doc and Deb are both home recuperating now and reports are that they are doing well.  Chris Boylon our photographer is sporting a cast on his leg as well.  At least they all had the good sense not to take ill during the race season.

This is the time of year that we tweak rules in all of the divisions.  I keep notes during the season so we can take a hard look at them during the off season.  I am happy to report that we will not be making very many changes and the rules that are being adjusted should not cause any hardship to our drivers.  

Over the last few years different tracks, including Spartan have drifted apart with their rules, which overall has not been beneficial for drivers that prefer to cross over to other tracks.  There are countless reasons for this but recently we have been working with Maurice Randall at Auto City and Jeff Parrish from Owosso and Dixie to close the gaps and we have made good progress.  At least I can honestly say we are on the right track (no pun intended) toward having the rules for all Divisions close enough to enable most cars to travel if they so choose.  There has had to be some give and take where there were discrepancies in order to achieve our goal but I think we "Got R Done". 

Last month Spartan purchased a used set of aluminum bleachers from Michigan International Speedway.  The bleachers had been in turn one at MIS but will now replace all of the bleachers in the front stretch at Spartan, except turn 4.  We are finishing up paper work that will enable us to get the required permits.  When we do get them assembled they will be much higher than what we currently have and there will be something similar to a food court right in front of the concession stand and a green space between the new bleachers and the turn 4 bleachers.  Maybe now the T-shirt shooter guy can at least hit the stands.  Replacing the bleachers will require us to also replace the tower.  We are in hopes that this major project will start in September of 09 and be complete before the start up of 2010.  Unfortunately now we will have to gauge the economy through out 09 before scheduling the demo of our current bleachers.

I also must add that none of this would have been possible with out the on going generous commitment that Michigan International Speedway has demonstrated to the weekly Short Tracks.  For that we will remain grateful.

The schedule will be complete soon, along with all of the other necessary information and we will pass it along by way of the web site,

If you need a gift idea for a special person that is hard to shop for consider a certificate for a ride in the Spartan "Two Seater".  This is a late model car specially built with two seats.  The gift is surprisingly affordable and will make a memory.  If you would like to find out more about the "Two Seater" just call the office at 517-244-1042.

The last item on my list is the Driver's Banquet.  You can see all of the Champions posing with their Championship Hoods on the front page of our website.  The banquet was nicely done and well attended.  As usual everyone involved did a wonderful job.  Thank you to Merindorf Meats and More for the great meal, Sandy and Sue for all of the work putting the details together, Russ and Vi DeBeaumont, Lynn and Butch Vansickler for the front door help, Donnie, Doug, Bob Ledbetter and Jim B for putting the tables and chairs up and also for assembling all of the trophies, Chris and CJ Boylon for the professional photography, Bill for helping with the awards and of course Big Ed for emceeing the event.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,

Jim Leasure

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