Spartan/SMS News - Weather Update

Jim Barker jbar at
Wed May 7 23:25:49 EDT 2008

Spartan/SMS Weather Update

Still looking like a full weekend of racing at Spartan and SMS.  We 
should even be able to get the practice session in at SMS tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow evening at SMS temperatures will be in the 55 to 60 degree 
range with winds out of the ENE at 15mph and gusts to 25. Skies will be 
partly sunny to mostly cloudy depending on how far north clouds from a 
system moving through the Ohio River Valley extend. A scattered shower, 
if any, should remain south of I-94.

Friday evening at Spartan will be partly cloudy and breezy with winds 
out of the NNE at 15mph and gusts to 25 with temperatures around 60 at 
race time cooling to 50 around 10pm. The winds should decrease as the 
evening progresses also.

SMS weather for Saturday evening will start out partly cloudy with 
temperatures in the mid to lower 60's and light winds out of the north  
with a gradual increase in cloudiness as the evening progresses with 
temperatures cooling to the lower 50's by 10pm.

All in all it will be dry but cool this weekend so jackets and 
sweatshirts will be the rule. But if you forget to bring one or the 
other we have a large selection of Spartan and SMS jackets and 
sweatshirts in our gift shops. We will also make sure we keep the coffee 
and hot chocolate brewing in the concession stands.

Thank you for your attendance at Spartan and SMS this season.

Jim Barker

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