K & K Insurance Minor Release Forms

A completed Minor Release form is required for any minor entering the Pit Area.

If you are signing in a minor for their first visit of the current season please bring your patience and arrive early. The forms must be properly completed and that takes time. We follow insurance carriers policies, not Spartan Speedways.

There are only 2 ways to get minor release forms completed.

Both legal guardians come to Spartan on race day at the same time, just one time per season. It is good to come early so your minor child can be included in hot lap sessions. Leave a little extra time, there can be a line. Pit gates open at 3:00 on Fridays.

Request a packet be mailed (517-244-1042) and follow the instructions. Then scan and email (spartanspeedway@gmail.com) or fax 517-244-1043 for pre-approval ONE WEEK PRIOR TO RACE DATE. Then you must bring the originals to Spartan. Again just one time per season.

A new form is required each year.