Street Stocks Invade Spartan Speedway

by Michelle Sprague

The Sunday Street Stock Slugfest returned to the Spartan Speedway on Sunday, August 6th. Jack Koone Jr. set fast time for the evening with a 14.551. As the twenty-two cars lined up for their 35-lap feature, Jordan Harvey and Bubber Patrick sat on the front row. Kenny Clark drove into the lead on lap one and led through lap five, when Chris Stearns challenged him for the top spot. Stearns took the spot away from Clark and caution flew on lap six. With Scott Sigman and Corey Davis in hot pursuit, Sigman worked his way around Clark and into the second spot behind Stearns, with Davis, Mike Ammerman and Clark all running in a pack behind the leaders. Harvey spun on lap 13, and Bob Flotka clipped him with his right rear, bringing out the yellow flag. On the restart, Sigman brought Stearns, Davis, Ammerman, and Nate Moon down for the green flag. Ed Newman Jr. and Jack Koone Jr. were waiting in the wings for their shot at the leaders. Koone made his way around Davis on lap 21, and on lap 23, got into Stearns to bring out another caution. Caution waved on lap 24, as Ammerman and Newman got together, with Ammerman slowing dramatically on the backstretch. On the restart, it was Sigman, with Stearns right on his bumper wanting that number one position. Sigman began to put some daylight between him and the rest of the field as Damon Place dove under Newman for fourth, bringing Koone along with him. Caution on lap 30 set up a five lap showdown for the win. Sigman, Stearns, Davis, and Place ran away from Koone on the restart, with Stearns looking to the outside of Sigman. Sigman was able to hold him off, and at the line, it was Sigman, Stearns, Davis, Place, and Koone. Jeremy Lutz, Davis, and Ron Heeney won their heats.

Fourteen Holiday Powersports Pony Stocks were set for a slugfest of their own, with Tina Anderson and Bo Smith making up the front row. Anderson led lap one, with Bryan Passick Jr. and Bo Smith right on her rear bumper. By lap four, Anderson and Passick broke away from the field and they crossed the line on lap five, side by side, in a dead heat. A five car battled ensued, as Passick took the lead on lap six. Anderson, Wayne Beckner Jr., John Ward, and Willie Conroy had all jumped into the mix. Passick began to open up a bit of a lead by lap eight, when Anderson, Conroy and Ward tangled between turns one and two. On the restart, it was Scavarda giving chase, with Beckner, Ward, and Keith Holden close behind. Scavarda tried both the high and low side for a way around Passick, and got around him on lap 16, as Ward and Beckner ran side by side. Scavarda opened up a huge lead, by using a slower car as a pick and forcing Passick to slow down. At the stripe, it was Scavarda (his tenth feature win), Passick, Ward, Beckner, and Holden. Heat wins went to Brent McCort and Bryan Passick Jr.

The VROA CAN-AM series continued at the Spartan Speedway, with many of the cars having cosmetic damage from doing battle at Springport Motor Speedway the night before. Chuck McKee, Ben Charbonneau, and Steve Lyons won their heats. Rick Nelson won the consi, and Ray Hughes, the patriarch of the traveling series, won the feature.

Ten brave souls risked their cars, for a shot at taking home a win in the Pony Stock Figure 8's. Bo Smith took advantage of his pole position on the start, and charged into the lead, never looking back. Brent McCort was able to hang with him for awhile, but he had his hands full with Brian Beckner and John Ward. Smith had opened up a pretty good lead by lap 10, leaving McCort, Beckner, Ward, and Joe Bates to sort things out. Beckner and Ward made their way around McCort on lap 13, but couldn't catch Smith. When the checkered flag fell, it was Smith, Beckner, Ward, Bates, and Terry Winstead. John Ward, captured the 2006 Pony Stock Figure 8 Championship title and celebrated by announcing that he was officially retiring!

Those wild and wooly Street Stock Figure 8 boys were at it again, but were missing a few competitors, due to the carnage of two weeks ago. Jeff Cummings jumped into the lead around Ray Derminer, who led the first two laps, only to be clipped in the right rear by Jim Gokee on the way through the intersection. Both were able to continue on, but Jerry Atwell assumed the lead after the altercation. Atwell put enough distance between him, Cummings, Derminer, and Gokee, that they were never really a threat, but there was no lack of excitement in the X. 'Stick Boy' and Cummings got together in the closing laps, but Cummings was able to maintain the second spot. Atwell came home the winner, followed by Cummings, Derminer, and Gokee. Rolly Olney, Wayne Parkhurst Sr. and 'Stick Boy' rounded out the field.

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