Spartan Street Stocks
Pos Car Driver 4/26 5/3 Season
14Stanley Lambert200189389
279Rob Marten222164386
347Kenneth Clingan193193386
431Rick Gokee186193379
551David Thorburn211154365
683Brad Moore125220345
7252Rob Patrick169167336
844Trent Jenson166161327
9145Mike Havens123197320
1011Brian Beckner146171317
1128Tommy Turner144171315
1238Mike McEwan177134311
1322Howard McDonough189111300
1437Bruce Jones162113275
155Jason Bailey140120260
166Pat Dent126105231
17T2Daniel Doc Dutton96115211
1875Wayne Parkhurst11987206
19116Wayne Jr. Beckner14755202
2066Clyde Thomas12676202
211Steed Scutt 191191
228Chris Gay1161162
2327Glen Caswell 154154
2423xJoe Barnhart9756153
2517Richard Wurmnest11520135
267Chris Sleeper 132132
273dMark VeLasquez 104104
2888Jeff Campbell 6666
2969Al Williams 6060
303Dale Taylor 2020
312Jamie Feguer 2020

Please note: These are still somewhat unofficial.
Numbers are subject to change at the discression of Spartan Speedway management.

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