Michigan Modifieds
Pos Car Driver 4/26 5/3 Season
137Gary Sherman220186406
257Clint Heinze191182373
361Dan Hamel163193356
455Larry Wallace171171342
580Jeff Travis163167330
6L5Fred Lytle159169328
799Lee Taylor170157327
8M2Jim Butler112208320
988Richard LaPratt104207311
107mSteve Smith150155305
110LMike Loughan111190301
120Mike Wells125143268
135Rick Bailey134133267
14K3Kyle Hicks141116257
15M1Bill Butler110136246
161HBrian Heeney94119213
1716Bob Eberly11691207
1831Harry Parish0200200
192Bob Bauer86104190
2096Justin Kazmar66101167
2132Wayne Haughton19192
22FOX47John Smalley 127127
2363Tim Easey1106107
243RRollie Olney1100101

Please note: These are still somewhat unofficial.
Numbers are subject to change at the discression of Spartan Speedway management.

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