Welcome to Corrigan Oil Speedway!

We are very pleased that you have made the decision to race with us. This sheet has helpful information for the first time racer.

Hot Lapping can begin with your completed tech inspection and transponder installation. Transponders /tech / Tire/Fuel sales and Registrations all take place at the scale house. If you have any questions, contact the scale house or Jeff Parish.

You must have a working transponder on your car to be on the race track. Cars with inop or no transponder will be black flagged and sent to the pits. Hot laps are our qualifying laps. Your fastest lap of the day will be your qualifying time.

Fuel Dispersal happens to the south east of the scale house near the eastern gate/fence for the pits.
Tires are stored in the pole building structure right next to the fuel tanks. You need to get your tire and fuel transactions handled before the first feature starts. This area is unmanned after that point.

Concession sales in the pits close a bit earlier than main grandstands. If you need something from the concession area after the pit window is closed, you will still be able to pass through the gate and reach the general admissions side of the concession area.

Payout happens at the front ticket window at the general admission gate in front of the main grandstand. Payout will be announced ready after tech process is completed and confirmed in a timely manner. Please make it a priority to arrive at the pay window sooner rather than later.

Hot Lapping will conclude at 6:45 on Fridays. Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 7:00. Racing at 7:30
Sundays hot lapping will conclude at 4:15. Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 4:30 and racing at 5:00. Please ensure you are ready to compete at all times.

Bandolero racing will occur first in our events to get the children concluded at an earlier time. Bandolero’s will draw for heat positions at the scalehouse. Features determined from heat results.

We are a 2 at fault caution facility. If you are deemed at fault in 2 occurrences you will be black flagged.

We allow 3 laps to change a flat tire during features. Laps begin counting when you arrive at pit stall.

We do not pull fenders at Corrigan Oil Speedway. If your car becomes damaged, pull off the racing surface and your crew will be allowed to work on your car.

After features top 3 pull to the scales and wait for direction from tech officials.

Victory Lane Photo’s occur by the pit gate behind the main grandstands for the feature events.

Water for overheated cars or emergency is located on the wall of the rest rooms on the east side of the speedway pit.

The Ambulance is located in turn two on site with emt times during an event .

We are a youth oriented facility. Please keep this in mind with your driving in the pit area and in your demeanor when dealing with fellow racers, and officials. We wish you the best of luck and enjoyment in competition.