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Spartan Speedway would like to thank "Don Randall Wells Cargo" trailers for sponsoring the 2014 Pony Stock Harvest. On top of the added driver's purse each person that attempts to make the event will receive a 100.00 certificate that can be used towards the purchase of a Wells Cargo trailer.

Don Randall Wells Cargo is the only enclosed trailer line in the Lansing area as well as the very first Wells Cargo Dealer anywhere.

Spartan purchased a new trailer from Don Randall Wells Cargo a couple of years ago and everything was as Maurice said it would be during the process. Please support those that support short track racing.


 SPARTAN SCOOPS with RAND    8.22.2014

Rand Thompson The 2014 racing season is winding down and that means one thing to those who hoping for the coveted season championship. This last Friday, at the “track the stars call home”, Spartan Speedway in Mason, Mich, it was championship night for several divisions. Look forward to a complete analysis of the champions in a later article. While some were hoping to celebrate, for others, it was time to put a “W” in the win column. Competing this evening were the Bandoleros, Modifieds, Spartan Stocks, Michigan Legends, and Pony Stocks. ... More


Consider a 10 lap test drive in a Legend car. We conduct test drives most Fridays during the race season. Another option is a 2014 season pass. You can send a check or use a credit card. We are happy to answer questions if you email or call the office at 517-244-1042.


Spartan Speedway is pleased to announce our most recent youth program that will start up immediately. The program will be known as the Spartan Youth Race Development Program or SYRDP. More info



Spartan Speedway will be opening our schedule for 50/50 fund raisers to entities with non-profit status. If you are one of these entities you will know exactly what I am talking about.

You will need to have a permit from the lottery bureau before any dates are scheduled.

This is a very good opportunity. We will be rotating non-profit groups during the season.

If you have any questions please email


So, you're thinking about buying a boat and some fishing gear and taking your son fishing? Or maybe your daughter? Why not fulfill your own life-long dream of auto racing and get your own kids involved in the sport. Or maybe even yourself. Building, maintaining, and racing a Pony Stock race car at Spartan Speedway is an inexpensive form of family entertainment. And if you're looking at doing this with your kids, it can be very educational for them as well. Spartan has competitors in this class ranging in age from 13 all the way up to 85. It's family fun for every age.

To begin your research, check out the easy steps towards building a new Pony Stock. You'll also find excellent help available on the Spartan message board from many other knowledgable competitors who are more than willing to help guide the way.

It's easy to go fishing... find out how easy and fun it is to go racing!


Does your school or youth group, church group, boy scouts, girl scouts, or most any other organization need a nice profitable fundraiser? Spartan Speedway have a fundraising program which can help most any local group pay for its own extra curricular activities.

For more info, see the fundraising page.

Racing Fuel available at the Cedar / Columbia BP
551 W Columbia - Mason


Beacon Sales and Service NEXT RACE IN

August 29, 2014

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Sawyers Chevrolet Spartan Sprints

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