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All are invited to attend the 2016 Awards Banquet on Saturday, October 15th
at the Ingham County Fairgrounds Community building located at
700 East Ash Street, in Mason. Doors will open at 5:00 and dinner will
begin at 6:30. Tickets are $29 per person and can be purchased by sending a check to

Spartan Speedway
891 N. Cedar Rd.
Mason, MI 48854

Please include your telephone number along with an address for the tickets to be mailed to.

To purchase tickets by credit card or cash contact the office at 517-244-1042.

All tickets must be purchased by Wednesday, October 5th, and will not be available at the door.

There will be no admittance allowed without a ticket.

2016 Spartan Speedway Division Champions/Winners List for Trophies 
Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds 
1. WaltObrinske, II ** 
2. Aaron Taylor ** 
3. Jason Parish 
4. Gordon Alblas 
5. John Ledwidge ** 
6. Bill HeeneyJr. ** 
7. Kirk Newland ** 
8. Jim Butler 

Performance Automotive NW Late Model Division 
1. Joey Barnhart 
2. Jimmy Gallagher ** 
3. Dane Long 
4. Cody Eglon 

Performance Automotive NW Spartan Stock B Division 
1. Tanner Tallarico ** 
2. Jordan Harvey ** 
3. Mike Havens ** 
4. Tim Lahar ** 
5. Brian Boesel ** 
6. Mike Westphal 
7. Kris Allen 
8. Nate Jenkins 
9. John Gulp 

Performance Automotive NW Spartan Stock C Division 
1. David Kelley ** 
2. Todd MetzSr 
3. Ed Everidge 

BOSS Snow Equipment Pony Stock A Division 
1. Brian Beckner ** 
2. John Ward Jr. ** 
3. Ryan Hollister ** 
4. Randy Kretzinger Jr. ** 
5. Troy Andrews ** 
6. DJ Marciniak 
7. Jarin Lamer 

BOSS Snow Equipment Pony Stock B Division 
1. Jacob Newman ** 
2. Trina Newman 
3. Kylie Beckner ** 
4. Jessie Nobach-Gehringe 

Michigan Legends 
1. Greg Rudzik ** 
2. Mason Ludwig ** 
3. Rich Michalak ** 
4. Lyn Hall ** 
5. Lori Hall 
6. Garrett Bennett 

Extreme Destruction 
Overall Champion Kelly Hollister 
Flagpole 6-8 Cyl - Kelly Hollister 
Flagpole 4 Cyl - John Ward Jr. 
Trailer Figure-8 - Timothy Hurrell 
Enduro Figure-8 - Kelly Hollister 

The Parts Place NAPA Bandits 
1. Logan Haughton ** 
2. Cody Hall ** 
3. Mike Findlay 
4. Jon Parish ** 
5. Faith Schuch ** 
6. Zack Parish 

The Parts Place NAPA Junior Bandits 
1. Violet Townsend ** 
2. Bella Chan 

** denotes "perfect attendance" 

2016 Spartan Speedway Rookie - Most Improved - Sportsperson of the Year 

2016 Rookie of the Year: 
Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds - Aaron Taylor 
Performance Automotive NW Spartan Stocks - B  -  Nate Jenkins 
Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock B  -  Kylie Beckner 
MI Legends -  Garrett Bennett 

2016 Sportsperson of the Year: 
The Parts Place NAPA Bandoleros - Jon Parish 
The Parts Place NAPA Jr. Bandoleros - Bella Chan 

2016 Most Improved: 
Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds  -  Kirk Newland 
Performance Automotive NW Late Models -  Cody Eglon 
Performance Automotive NW Spartan Stocks - B -  Kris Allen 
Performance Automotive NW Spartan Stocks - C  -  Ed Everidge 
Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock A  -  Jarin Larner 
Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock B  -  Jessie Nobach-Gehringer  
MI Legends  -  Mason Ludwig 
The Parts Place NAPA Bandoleros  -  Cody Hall 
The Parts Place NAPA Jr. Bandoleros  -  Bella Chan

2016 Spartan Speedway Perfect Attendance 
Troy Andrews			Bill Heeney Jr. 
Walt Obrinske II 		Brian Beckner 
Ryan Hollister 			Jon Parish 
Kylie Beckner 			Randy Kretzinger Jr.
Greg Rudzik			Brian Boesel 
David Kelley			Faith Schuch 
Jimmy Gallagher			Tim Lahar 
Tanner Tallarico		Cody Hall 
John Ledwidge			Aaron Taylor 
Lyn Hall 			Mason Ludwig 
Violet Townsend			Jordan Harvey 
Rich Michalak 			John Ward Jr. 
Logan Haughton 			Kirk Newland 
Mike Havens			Jacob Newman 

 SPARTAN SCOOP    - Sept 9

by Duane Turner

Alexander, Smith, Ward Jr, Taylor, and Sairls
Take Destruction Night Victories

On the final night of the 2016 racing season, Spartan Speedway would host on final fun night before calling it quits. Jacob Alexander took "cheaters night" in the pony stocks, while Kris Taylor won the school bus figure eight race. Scott Smith won the eight cylinder portion of the flagpole race, while John Ward Jr won the four cylinder race. Finally, Matt Sairls won the trailer figure eight race as the last event of the season.

The Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks had John Culp pace the field to green. This "No Rules" event would go 20 laps as Culp jumped to the early lead when the green flag waved. Three laps in, 2016 track champion Brian Beckner takes over the point, and quickly begins to pull away as the caution waved. On the restart, Beckner took off again to a commanding lead, with John Ward Jr in second. Lap six, Todd Metz Jr and Jacob Alexander moved in to second and third. With five laps to go, the top three run nose to tail, as Alexander looks to the outside. With two laps to go, Alexander takes the lead, and holds on for the win. Metz Jr takes second on the last corner over Beckner.

At the start of the flagpole race, Kelley Hollister grabbed the early lead, with Hugh Brayton was a distant second with Randy Hedger in third. Scott Smith found his way through the carnage to take the lead on lap two, and never looked back. Hollister settled for second, with Brayton in third. In the four cylinder race, John Ward Jr led the first lap with a pass around the last flagpole. John Culp took over second on the second lap, with Jason Davis in third. At the finish, Ward Jr takes the win, while Davis spins Culp on the last lap to take second.

The School bus figure eight race Aaron Taylor set the early pace, but Wayne Haughton took the lead on lap two. Taylor follows in second, but intersection contact bunched the leaders back up. Chris Taylor from the tail moves in to third on lap eight, as Aaron Taylor takes over the lead in lapped traffic. Kris Taylor takes over second one lap later as Haughton starts to pump steam from the engine. Five laps to go, Haughton gets beside Taylor as they race for the lead. With three laps to go, Haughton spins Aaron Taylor out as Kris Taylor takes over the lead. At the finish, Kris Taylor takes the win, with Wayne Beckner Jr in second, and Aaron Taylor in third.

Mike Gauthier took the early lead in the trailer figure eight event. Ten laps in, Gauthier drove up on a competitors trailer handing the lead to Wayne Parkhurst Sr. One lap later, Parkhurst hit a trailer in the intersection causing front end damage, as Matt Sairls took the lead with seven laps remaining. Cliff Skuse would make a race of it with five to go, but lost his trailer ending his race. Skuse would hold on for the win, followed by Tim Hurell and Dilion Lamar.

As the final night of the 2016 race season comes to a close, the teams, staff, and fans of "The Track The Stars Call Home" prepare for the awards banquet. Saturday, October 15th, Spartan Speedway will officially crown all of the track champions of this year. The banquet is open to everyone, including fans of the speedway.


Consider a 10 lap test drive in a Legend car. We conduct test drives most Fridays during the race season. Another option is a 2016 season pass. You can send a check or use a credit card. We are happy to answer questions if you email spartanspeedway@gmail.com or call the office at 517-244-1042.


Legend cars

  • $6,500 ... 37 Chevy Sedan - sealed engine
  • $10,500 ... 34 Ford Coupe - championship car, 7 races on sealed motor
  • $13,500 ... 34 Ford Coupe - never been on track, lots of racey options

The following Bandos have 16 races

  • #11 - $3,900
  • #14 - $4,200
  • #18 - $4,200
  • #48 - $4,300
Please contact us at spartanspeedway@gmail.com or 517-244-1042.


Spartan Speedway is pleased to announce our most recent youth program that will start up immediately. The program will be known as the Spartan Youth Race Development Program or SYRDP. More info


Spartan Speedway will be opening our schedule for 50/50 fund raisers to entities with non-profit status. If you are one of these entities you will know exactly what I am talking about.

You will need to have a permit from the lottery bureau before any dates are scheduled.

This is a very good opportunity. We will be rotating non-profit groups during the season.

If you have any questions please email spartanspeedway@gmail.com.


Does your school or youth group, church group, boy scouts, girl scouts, or most any other organization need a nice profitable fundraiser? Spartan Speedway has fundraising programs which can help most any local group pay for its own extra curricular activities.

For more info, see the fundraising page.

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