How can I go stock car racing for the very first time economically?

In Track News by Jeffery Parish

Have you always wanted to try racing? Has the thrill of speed and door to door competition been appealing to you? Has information on how to get started held you back? Do the costs in racing in one of the other divisions stand in a barrier to keeping you from competing? Corrigan Oil Speedway has introduced a new division for the 2019 season that will be a cost contained economical division. It will be a place where the brand new person can get a start.  You can buy a basic cage kit for less than $250. Belts for less than $80. Window net for less than $20. Set your camber for free.  If you need advice on where to get components, or who can help you with basics, give Jeff Parish a call at (989)395.0933. Complete rules for this economy division are here: front wheel drive claim division rules