Fun Night #2 Results

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With the middle of the racing season upon us, Fun Night #2 would treat the fans to a night of music, and destruction. In the oval track events, Ryan Hollister took the Outlaw Pony Stock feature, while Randy Kretzinger won the stock feature. Logan Long and Mason Surgener won the Bandolero main events. In the flagpole races, John Davis won the 8-cylinder version as Wayne Parkhurst Jr won the 4-cylinders. In the figure 8 events, Jon McNett wins the school busses, while Wayne Parkhurst Sr outlasted the field to win the trailer race.

At the start of The Parts Place Napa Bandolero feature, Mason Surgener quickly took the lead with Caiden Bailey in second. On lap two, Logan Long used the high-side to move past Bailey to take over second. As the laps quickly wound down, Surgener grabbed the win followed by Long and Bailey. Long would be credited with his third win of the season in the Junior Bandit division.

Ryan Hollister paced the Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks, and led the opening lap. William Larner kept it close, as the front two pulled away from the field. On the final lap, Larner moves to the high-side, but Hollister is too strong on the bottom taking the win. In the stock division, Randy Kretzinger Jr took the lead on lap 4, and pulled away to take his sixth win of the season. Jimmy Burchett and Wayne Parkhurst Jr were the top three.

In the 8-cylinder flagpole race, Stubby Davis grabbed the lead at the first flagpole, but TJ Hurrell takes over before completing lap one. With the white flag in the air, Hurrell slows as Davis takes the lead. As Hurrell and Wayne Parkhurst tangle battling for second, Davis pulls away to take his first win at Corrigan Oil Speedway. In the 4-cylinder event, John Ward Sr leads early, but Wayne Parkhurst Jr leads at the end of lap one. On lap two, Parkhurst spins Ward at a flagpole to open up his lead. At the end of eight laps, Parkhurst Jr takes the win, followed by Ward and Bob Prather.

Bobby Prather led the opening lap of the school bus figure 8, but Wayne Parkhurst takes over on lap two as Stubby Davis closes in third. Matt Sairls took over second on lap five, with Bobby Prather following in to third. On lap eight, Parkhurst Jr got stuck on a lapped bus allowing Sairls to take the lead. With five to go, Sairls has a flat front tire ending his race handing the lead back to Parkhurst Jr. Jon McNett takes second one lap later. With two laps to go, McNett takes over the lead as Bobby Prather flips his bus over on his side bringing out the red flag. Due to the amount of time to clean up, the race would be called official with Jon McNett taking the win.

In the trailer figure 8, John Davis paced the field, and quickly took the lead. Dillon Lamar quickly caught up in second, but a red flag came out as a trailer came loose and sat in a dangerous place. When the green came back out, TJ Hurrell came through the field to take the lead. Intersection action on lap two as Parkhurst Jr and Sr make contact ending the race for Jr. The race leader TJ Hurrell also lost his trailer ending his race. Parkhurst Sr inherits the lead, with Bobby Prather in second and Neil Buekema in third. Eights laps in, Prather catches and passes Parkhurst Sr for the lead. Parkhurst Sr, not giving up, goes for the trailer of Prather, spinning him out and retaking the lead. On lap 13, Prather catches Parkhurst Sr again. Prather goes for the trailer, but loses his own on the last lap. Parkhurst Sr takes the win, followed by Lonnie Hedger and Bob Prather.

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