Fun Night #2 Results

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Corrigan Oil Speedway had heavy fog and mist settle in on the race track, but everything cleared out in time to go racing. The final events of the summer feature school bus figure 8’s, trailer racing and country music entertainer DeWayne Spaw.

The first event of the evening was a 12 laps “roval”. This event utilized most of the oval, but used the figure 8 portion on the front stretch. John Davis out of Perry, MI took the lead at the drop of the green flag, and held the point for four laps until Randy Wing took over on lap five. Joey Wirt took second on lap six, but all eyes were on Tim Hurrell. Hurrell was panelized on lap five, and had to restart at the tail. By lap seven, he had worked his way back in to the top five. On lap ten, Wirt dropped out, allowing Hurrell to take over second. At the finish, Wing edged Hurrell for the win. Davis would come home third, but was the overall winner for the 8-cylinder class.

In the powder puff race, Haley Smathers jumped out to the early lead, and quickly pulled away. Shelby Taylor settled in to second, with Jody Davis in third. With just two laps to go, Taylor spun in turn four bringing out the caution. On the restart, Davis got a great start to take the lead, then held on for the win. Smathers was second with Sam Kobe taking the checkers in third place.

The School bus figure 8 saw Jason Davis lead the opening couple laps, but Troy Andrews took the lead on lap three. Randy Wing took over on the next lap, but Wayne Parkhurst Jr led on lap five. On lap eight, Randy Wing, and Jimmy Burchett made contact in the intersection sending Burchett over and on his side bring out the red flag. On the restart, Parkhurst Jr’s bus slowed, as Andrews retook the lead and then pulled away for the win. Randy Wing was second with Chris Taylor in third.

Tim Hurrell grabbed the early lead in the trailer figure 8 race with Bobby Prather and John Davis in tow. The intersection came in to play on lap three as Hurrell was able to take out a couple trailers narrowing the field to two less competitors. On lap eight, a red flag was displayed as some cars needed to be cleared from the race. On the restart, Hurrell maintained the lead, but would have a flat tire ending his race. Patience Degg, who was a lap down, was now the leader, with Ray Hetherington as the only other competitor on the track. At the finish, Degg took her first career checkers. Hurrell was second and Hetherington was third.

Unfortunately, that concludes the 2019 racing season at Corrigan Oil Speedway. Banquet information will be posted soon on the website, and on Facebook. For more information, visit

Event Summery:

School Bus Figure 8: 1) 1 Troy Andrews 2) 00 Randy Wing 3) LW Chris Taylor 4) 43 Jason Davis 5) 71 Jimmy Burchett 6) 13 Wayne Parkhurst Jr 7) 25 Matt Sairls 8) 77 Chris Reid

Trailer Race: 1) 27 Patience Degg 2) 24 Tim Hurrell 3) 76 Ray Hetherington 4) 4 Bobby Prather 5) 22 Ronnie Witt 6) 28 Neil Beukema 7) 17 John Davis 8) 77 Chris Reid

Roval 8 Cylinder: 1) 17 John Davis 2) 28 Neil Beukema 3) 76 Ray Hetherington

Roval 4&6 Cylinder: 1) 00 Randy Wing 2) 24 Tim Hurrell 3) 22 Tom McCreary 4) 43 Jason Davis 5) 27 Patience Degg 6) 29 Joey Wirt 7) 4 Bobby Prather 8) 77 Chris Reid 9) 95 John Ward 10) 13 Wayne Parkhurst Jr 11) 25 Matt Sairls

Powder Puff: 1) 43 Jody Davis 2) 4 Haley Smathers 3) 28 Sam Kobe 4) 00 Mindy Lund 5) 25 Shelby Taylor 6) 95 Jody Ward 7) 77 Lindsey Reid 8) 17 Debbie Parkhurst