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Sumitono Tires
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The 790 will put more stress on hubs/bearings. Guys have been road racing neons on stickier tires for years. If someone were to change their hubs after the recommended 12hours of use it shouldn't be an issue.

The 790 does NOT require special rims. Hence my comment about Berlin having almost the same rim rule. Our 790's are mounted on 7 inch wide 3 inch offset rims. They stick the lip out 1 more inch but are the same from flange to inside lip. We don't rub fenders/struts or anything of that matter. The tire is marginally to alot shorter then the 195 70/14 HTR200 so that is not an issue either. You could run stock rims and the saftey rim on RF that is recommended/required now. I would like to see a 6inch safety wheel allowed on the RR also but you can put it on a stock rim.

The reference to soaking the tires is policed the exact same way as the 970. If the track put baby powder in all the tires they mount and perform a break down occasionally it shouldn't be an issue.

It's not fair now that I'm allowed to have a 7200rpm limiter on a DOHC manual and SOHC's have to have a 6750. That is a whole different can of worms in being fair to all cars.

Last year I had what would be the biggest motor/highest horsepower allowed. I never once spun the LF tire. If you control the cars movent/weight transfer you won't spin a LF tire regardless of what it is. Teching of engines is what controls engines. Not the tire.

Spartan should absolutely worry about what Berlin is doing. They did this exact argument 2 years ago. They decided to switch. It's exactly what is being proposed here. Before condemming the tire I would talk to some of the racers at a track that has made the switch.

If we continue on the street tires as proposed what do you feel would be a good tire Maurice? Did you try any on the K-Car that could compete with the Sumitomo's for the price?

I'm all for staying on street tires. I just feel it would be far more unfair to the racers that can't find/get them as they will spend a bunch of money to find new tires that work somewhat as well. I have enough Sumitomo's to start the year, not finish however. So this is a very valid concern of mine as to what my next purchase should be.
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