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Proposed 2010 Rules

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:57 am    Post subject: Proposed 2010 Rules Reply with quote

Jim/John/Maurice/Everyone Else

What do you think of something like this for 2010 rules ??

a) No convertibles, trucks or two seat coupes (ie CRX).
b) No Variable Timing, Turbochargers, Superchargers, Multi-carburetor, Rotary, Mid or Rear engines.
c) Factory stock fuel injection allowed.
d) The use of O.E.M. or after market performance parts is not allowed.

a) Must be stock and in stock locations.
b) No adjustable struts/shocks.
c) Body, frame and engine must match - make and model and year.
d) Must have full windshield (Lexan may be used) with all the other glass removed. Lexan quarter windows allowed.
e) Front and rear firewalls must be original and in stock locations.
f) All holes and openings in firewalls must be covered with metal.
g) Aluminum racing seats that are properly mounted are MANDATORY. (No fiberglass seats).
h) Dash must remain in stock location, but tin dash and other facsimile is allowed.
i) No mirrors.
j) Stock radiators mounted in stock location only.
k) The battery may remain in the original factory location provided it is in a safe location and securely mounted. If the battery is relocated, it may only be relocated to the trunk area. Batteries mounted in trunk must be secured by (2) two 1" metal straps. No batteries mounted in driver's compartment.
l) No pedal extensions.
m) Must have a battery kill switch mounted on "A" pillar.
n) Doors must be welded or bolted shut.
o) All interior flammable components must be removed.
p) Tube may be reinforced between cage and strut tower. A tube may also extend beyond the strut tower to the front, continued across the front and end at the opposite strut tower but may not compromise the original uni-body construction. No non-factory tower to tower brace.

a) Fuel tank to be mounted in trunk and secured with (2) two 1" metal straps (made for racing fuel cells are recommended). May run OEM plastic gas tank if it is located in front of rear axle, under floor pan, and is fully covered with a steel skid plate. Fuel lines must run below floor pan. Tanks that are mounted in the trunk must have protective hoop and 10" of ground clearance.
b) External electric fuel pumps allowed, but must be wired to shut off with battery kill switch.

a) Must be factory stock and in stock location. Camber RF maximum 8 degrees checked with angle finder at hub centerline.
tion of stabilizer bars are allowed only if original factory equipment. If stabilizer bars are used, stock unaltered mountings and mounting parts must be used.
b) Stock appearing springs front and rear must be used. Extra heavy duty, after market racing or performance springs are not allowed. Left and right must be equal, including number of coils, free length, etc. Only original factory rubber spacers may be used on top or bottom of springs. If spacers are used, left and right must match. No adjustment type spacers of any kind are allowed between the coils. Spring coils must not be close to binding at a standstill. Vehicle must sit level left to right at standstill.
c) Stock-type shocks and struts must be used. No after market racing or performance struts or shocks allowed. Modifications to shocks, struts, mounting points, and upper and lower spring mounts are not allowed. Shocks and struts must be allowed to have full free travel up and down without binding. Mounting points must be stock.

a) Steel wheels only, limited to 13", 14" and 15". Wheels can be OEM steel or made for racing wheels. RF Racing Wheel or safety wheel is Mandatory. NOTE REGARDING OFFSET : Cannot place wheel outside of sheet metal where tire to tire contact could occur. Do not invest in a wheel that will place your tire outside the stock body lines of the vehicle. It will not be allowed.
b) Maximum width of 6" steel wheels.
c) Any D.O.T. stamped tire. 4 cylinder cars = Max width P195, Minimum 70 series, Minimum tread wear rating of 300. Thread wears MUST be stamped on tire and unaltered.

a) Stock automatic or manual
b) Stock converter with no alterations.
c) Must have working forward and reverse gears.

a) Must have 4 wheel hydraulic brakes in working order

a) Minimum weights including driver, post race, subject to Engine Specifications below.
b) All added weight must be secured with two 1/2 inch bolts. Weight must be painted white with car number on it.

a) Muffler Mandatory.
b) Catalytic converters must be removed.
c) A maximum 95 DB reading.
d) Maximum O.D. outlet size is subject to Engine Specifications below. Max size applicable to the last 3", must exit behind driver and be fully visible.
e) No exhaust leaks allowed.

J. ENGINE COMPUTER : Must be stock. Track may swap computers between cars or from track supplied computer at track's discretion. Swapped Computers will not be returned.

K. ENGINE/WEIGHT/EXHAUST COMBINATIONS: Note : Body, frame and engine must match - make and model and year.
a) Any SOHC, 8 valve motor, maximum 2.6L - Minimum weight 2350 lbs; maximum exhaust outlet 2"
b) Any SOHC, 12 or 16 valve motor, maximum 2.4L - Minimum weight 2450 lbs; maximum exhaust outlet 1 1/2"
c) Any DOHC, maximum 2.4L - Minimum weight 2500 lbs; maximum exhaust outlet 1 1/4"


aa) Raceiver Mandatory
a) The roll cage must be of four post design with four driver's side door bars and three right side door bars. From front up right to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail. A 1/8" steel plate is mandatory on driver's side door bars from front upright to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail.
b) Driver's window must have approved window net.
c) Racing seat must be secured to roll cage with a minimum of six (6) 3/8" bolts.
d) Approved aluminum racing seat mandatory.
e) All bars within driver's reach must be padded with approved safety and fire rating.
f) Steering wheel centers must be padded.
g) Quick release steering wheels are optional.
h) Quick release five (5) point safety belt with three (3) inch minimum belt width harness securely mounted to roll cage is mandatory. The belts must also contain the original certified date tag and must be less than 3 years old.
i) A 2 pound fire extinguisher in working order must be securely mounted and within driver's reach
j) All other required safety equipment and specifications are addressed in safety section and general rules section of this rule book

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:58 am    Post subject: dohc 4 cylinders Reply with quote

why cant yourun a 2.4 that comes in a strattrus
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:21 pm    Post subject: Lexon windows Reply with quote

If someone has a 4 door car will any lexon be allowed in the rear doors If so how much I ask because the 2 doors can in the rear. I dont know if it helps with any kind of side force on the car or not but it is a question I wondered about
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