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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you, Big Ed.

After re-reading my previous post I feel I should make a clarification. From my post it might appear that I don't believe that racers should be allowed to drop down to pure stocks. I am not saying that at all. I, and many other racers, have dropped down in class over the years to be able to continue to participate in the sport we all love. I have no problem with that, as long as they build/race a car within the rules, and within the intent and spirit of the class. I have never considered the lower classes as just beginner classes, they are also for the racer who cannot afford, or is not willing to spend, the amount of money and/or time required to compete in the upper classes. That's why I was careful in my post to use "beginner/budget" or "beginning/budget" terms.

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Joined: 14 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:31 pm    Post subject: make no difference? Reply with quote

Champ2x36 wrote:
oldgold wrote:
I could do the same to my 7.5

Yes, you could, but not within the rules, nor the spirit and intent of a PURE STOCK class.

with a low performance engine

Which the metric cars came with, and which you are supposed to run in a PURE STOCK class

2.41 rpm to low 2.56closer, 2.73 to high.

There's your answer, run 2.56 and be as close to the optimum as you can within the rules. The jump in RPM from 2.41 to 2.56, or 2.56 to 2.73 will probably be around 400 RPM. If the jump from 2.56 to 2.73 is too much for your engine, then you won't be giving up much, if any, by running less than 400 RPM under your optimum RPM. Often performance is enhanced by lowering the RPM to better match the power curve of the engine.

with a low performance engine 2.41 rpm to low 2.56closer, 2.73 to high. 241 great with a 421 engine 2.73 great with a 355 with good rods and rotating assembly but not cheap with any reliability and be able to pull vacuum and lift.(see what i mean) I didnt want to zing a tranny in low, gear it for 2nd or high gear.

A 421 NEVER came in ANY CAR, and isn't cheap in ANY configuration because it's a stroker engine. Some are built with crankshafts that cost more than a brand new Goodwrench 350 longblock. 355's with the parts you've specified never came stock either, and certainly aren't cheap. But, the goal of the PURE STOCK class is to be a cheap class, so neither of those engines meets the rules, spirit, or intent of the PURE STOCK class. You say they can't be cheap with any reliability. I disagree, if raced within the limitations of a stock engine, and RPM are kept to a reasonable level (6000 RPM for a SBC). I've raced a number of SBC's over the years that came out of cars with well over 100,000 miles, one had over 200,000 miles. With a set of new valve springs, and a cheap cam with hydraulic lifters, I've had them last thru almost 3 race seasons before they self-destructed enough to make them not worth fixing. I always kept them under 6000 RPM. How much more reliability do you insist on in a budget class? 2 of those engines, when they were disassembled, were 350's that came with the 1.72" intake valves, not even the 1.94" intakes, and they both won multiple feature races.

As far as not wanting to run the tranny in low instead of 2nd or high gear, if you didn't feel that there were an advantage why would it make any difference to you? Why would you campaign for mods to allow that?

A racer that would consider building/using an engine like either of those you've mentioned shows they have no intentions of running within the letter, spirit, or intent of a PURE STOCK class. They are not part of the solution of building the PURE STOCK class, they are part of the problem, a racer that will build/race a modified car in a beginner/budget class, discouraging the true beginning/budget racer from building a car/competing because they know they have little or no chance to win.

In your previous posts you've said you don't want to run in the sportsman class because you have little or no chance to win against them, but you are campaigning for mods to a PURE STOCK class car that would put other competitors in the same position that you don't want to be in yourself. You've also stated that if you can't have the mods you want that you're going to run the dirt. Seems you're only supporting the class as long as the rules are set up to your advantage.
the only reason to run a gear that was and to keep the planetary gearsets from exploding as you know that when that happens the tranny is not rebuildable cheap. forward and direct clutchs are cheap if you burn up 2nd gear much less than the $300-500 for a complete rebuild.
I would like to comment on your response to stock only and to specs.
Do you think that there are no aftermarket scat or eagle cranks being put into pure stocks? do you think that nobody has 6 inch rods in their purestock? who is gonna check?the tech people arent gonna stay up all nite to tear one down. as you well know speedway makes stock appearing coil springs with the pig tail at various rates that would need to be checked on a spring rater. what iam trying to say is the only way to keep it cheap is run a stock motor and if it blows buy another one @$500 and hope it lasts. but we did that last year and blew 6 engines @springport by gearing at the limit 5500 to 6000 only to hear the others turning upwards of 7000 with stock parts Surprised Shocked oldgold starting year 39 behind the wheel .
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