Even more options to reduce entry barriers in racing….

In Bandolero, Track News by Jeffery Parish

Have you thought about spending time with your son or daughter in the racing environment? Written from a parents perspective, this has been a fantastic experience for me. I raced together with my son’s and mentored a wonderful young lady for 4 years in the Bandolero division. As parents, at times, we have to get very creative in finding ways to relate to our children, when it comes to spending quality time together. Bandolero racing was a great way to do this that was effortless in the relatability department. We worked together on learning the cars, building skills, learning setups. Learning work ethic. Without parental nagging, my children were introduced to math, physics and science, in practical ways that are fun. They learned these concepts in real-world examples through racing.  Our time together in the shop and going racing is irreplaceable.

The kids learned how hard work pays dividends. They learned real-life competition. They learned how to deal with loss and that effort produces dividends. They learned the real joy of winning. Our family especially has enjoyed some of these things that might not have come in other areas of athletics.  We have physical challenges that make it hard to keep up with other kids at times.  When we belted in race cars- if we worked hard, we had those physical barriers removed.  As a parent and a long time member of motorsports, I can tell you that motorsports have instilled self-confidence in my children. They learned they can face unknown circumstances and prevail if they do not give up. They never “rode the pine” on the bench after they spent the time at practice. They got to compete, with their peers at a level they might not have experienced in other sports. They compete against kids who are exceptional athletes. Motorsports are a great equalizer if you have a diligent work ethic. You can have success, if you are willing to learn and do the work.  Bandolero Racing has been a big positive influence in our lives. If you’ve tried other types of athletic competition, especially travel type sports, we can show you how Bandolero racing is an economical alternative.

The speedway has encountered a few times that finances might be a barrier for people trying to get off the ground in motorsports. Speedway management has solutions for you if this is a concern. We have several options available other than a total cash purchase. There are lease and finance options available through Corrigan Oil Speedway and a local financial institution specifically for Bandolero and Legend car purchases.

If you would like more information you can contact John Ward Jr at gobandoracing@gmail.com, Jeff Parish at racingpartsales@gmail.com or Jim Leasure at spartanspeedway@gmail.com.

We can help you started in this fantastic venture with your kids.