Destruction Night Results

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Sometimes during the dog days of summer, you just need to take a break. An evening of destruction at Corrigan Oil Speedway is the break that is needed. With school buses flipped over, and trailer scattered in turn two, there was plenty of destruction for everyone.

To start the festivities, Hunter Hath led the junior bandits to take the green flag. Logan Long takes the lead on lap one followed by Joel Smith and Killian McMann. On lap four, Smith looks under Long as the lead duo split a lapped car and Smith takes the lead. One lap later the red flag would be displayed for Long. On the lap six restart, Smith takes the lead, and slowly pulled away over the final six laps to take the win. McMann holds on for second with Eric Wisniewski in third. In the bandit feature, Caiden Bailey led early, but Mason Surgener took over on lap two and took the feature win.

The 4-cylinder flagpole race saw Tim Hurrell lead lap one and quickly pull away. Matt Sairls was second with a dogfight of four cars battling for third.  Jordan Wurmnest gets through the pack, and takes over second with three laps to go. Hurrell has a flat left front as the white flag waves, but holds on for the win. Sairls retakes second on the final lap, but Wurmnest retakes it at the line. 

In the figure 8 25-lap race, Todd Nelson leads the opening lap with Eric Gilbert and Gerald Persails close behind. Gilbert takes the lead on lap three and starts to pulls way. On lap four an accident in the intersection brings out the red flag, and the race leader of Gilbert loses a rear axle ending his race. On the restart, Nelson and Persails battle for the lead. On lap 11, Persails takes over the lead. Justin Pepitone closes in on Nelson to battle for second with 10 laps remaining. As Persails tries to navigate lapped traffic, contact with a lapped car ends his race handing the lead to Nelson with Pepitone on his bumper. Pepitone takes the lead with eight laps to go, and quickly pulls away. With five laps to go, third place runner Bobby Prather pulls pit-side. At the finish, Pepitone takes the win followed by Nelson and John Davis. 

In the school bus figure 8, Dane Long sets the early pace as Eric Gilbert and Wayne Parkhurst Jr race for second. Four laps in, Gilbert pulls alongside Long, but Long maintains the lead. A collision in the intersection left one bus stranded brining out the red flag. When the green flag came back out, Long’s bus appeared to slow handing the lead to Gilbert. With two laps to go, Long gets caught up in the intersection allowing Chris Taylor to take over second. One lap later a bus is flipped in the intersection brining out the red flag. After the green came back out, Gilbert does not take off, and Taylor take the lead, and takes the win. Dane Long is second while Matt Sairls is third.

The final event of the evening is the trailer figure 8. John Davis jumps out to the early lead, but Justin Pepitone takes over on lap two. Tim Hurrell makes his way through the pack to take over second on lap five. Hurrell appears to be catching Pepitone for the lead, but breaks on lap six ending his race. At the checkers, Pepitone takes his second win of the evening followed by Bobby Prather and John Davis. 

The next event at Corrigan Oil Speedway will be on Sunday, July 14th for Slugfest #3. Late model sportsman, modifieds, street stocks, Corrigan claimers, bandoleros and a figure 8 race will be on the card. For more information, log on to the official website at

Event Summery:

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 25 Joel Smith 2) 18 Killian McMann 3) 25 Eric Wisniewski 4) 3 Hunter Hath 5) 08 Blaine Cochran 6) 7L Logan Long 7) 13 Nevaeh Larner 8) 27 Arlington Ward

Bandit Feature: 1) 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 4 Caiden Bailey

Four Cylinder Flag Pole: 1) 24 Tim Hurrell 2) 25 Matt Sairls 3) 17 Jordan Wurmnest 4) 4 Bobby Prather 5) 22 Ryan Fillingham 6) 13 Wayne Parkhurst Jr 7) 80 Gerald Persails 8) 032 Justin June 9) Shaun Shirley 10) 27 Patience Degg

Figure 8: 1) Justin Pepitone 2) Todd Nelson 3) John Davis 4) Neil Buekema 5) Ryan Fillingham 6) Bobby Prather 7) Gerald Persails 8) Wayne Parkhurst Jr 9) Ronnie Whitt 10) Matt Sairls 11) Jordan Wurmnest 12) Eric Gilbert 13) Justin June 14) Ray Hetherington 15) Tim Hurrell 16) Shaun Shirley

School Bus Figure 8: 1) Chris Taylor 2) Dane Long 3) Matt Sairls   Other Competitors:  Eric Gilbert, Wayne Parkhurst Jr, Jamie Larner, Bobby Prather, Ryan Fillingham

Trailer figure 8: 1) Justin Pepitone 2) Bobby Prather 3) John Davis 4) Todd Nelson 5) Justin June 6) Ronnie Whitt 7) Ray Hetherington 8) Patience Degg 9) Tim Hurrell 10) Ryan Fillingham