Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 9-1-19

In Race Results, Track News by Duane Turner

The final racing night of the summer at Corrigan Oil Speedway featured Slugfest #5. With slugfest championships on the line, the racing was some of the best of the season. Jason Parish led all 50 laps to take the modified win. Justin Danzik took the lead at lap 25 for the late model sportsman win. Jerry Pierman won the street stocks while Griffin Quisenberry won the claimers. Tim Hurrell dominated the enduro figure 8.

The Performance Automotive Northwest street stocks took to the speedway first for their 50-lap feature. Dale Lewis led the opening lap leaving the rest of the field to fight for second. Robbie Johnston grabs second five laps in, then takes the point on lap eight. As Johnston pulls away, Jesse Collinge takes over third with fast timer Jerry Pierman in fourth. Collinge takes second 12 laps in, as Pierman follows in to third one lap later. A lap 20 restart bunched the field back up, but Johnston maintained his lead. At the halfway mark, Pierman takes over second, and sets his sights on Johnston. With 13 laps to go, Johnston and Pierman make contact forcing Johnston to the rear on the restart. Over the final laps, Pierman pulls away for the win followed by Collinge and Lewis. Pierman is the 2019 Slugfest champion.

The Boss Snow Equipment late model sportsman had Greg Studt lead the field to the green flag for their 50-lap feature. Studt leads the opening laps, as Craig Stevens takes over on lap ten. Dane Long takes second just one lap later as the top eight are all in one group. On lap 11, hard contact between Tim Lahar and Mike Ammerman would bring out the red flag. Both drivers were OK. On the restart, Long is able to nose ahead as the front duo race side by side. 16 laps in, Long takes command as Chris Shannon challenges for second. Justin Dinzik goes from fourth to second on lap 19 and set sail after Long. Shannon takes third as Jerry Osterhouse takes fourth with 25 laps to go. On a lap 26 restart, Dinzik takes the lead, and quickly pulls away. With 20 to go, a two-car fight for the lead between Dinzik and Shannon has developed. Over the final laps, Dinzik maintains his lead and takes the win. Shannon was second, as Gordon Alblas was third. Dane Long is the slugfest champion.

The Sawyers Chevrolet modifieds saw Jason Parish set the pace and lead the field to the green flag of the Greg Yost memorial. Parish grabs the early lead followed by Justin Kazmar and Bill Heeney. Eight laps in, Parish and Kazmar enter lapped traffic as Parish separates himself from Kazmar. 20 laps in, Parish and Kazmar continue to pull away, leaving a pile of ten cars fighting for third. On lap 22, fast timer Matt Vainner took over third on a restart. With 20 to go, the top three of Parish, Kazmar and Vainner run nose to tail as they pull away. With ten to go, Jon McNett catches the lead trio making it a four car battle for the win. With five laps to go, caution waves. On the restart with two laps to go, Kazmar and Vainner make contact moving Vainner to second. At the finish, Parish takes the win followed by Vainner, and Al Berry. Jason Parish is also the 2019 slugfest champion.

Randy Wing leads the opening lap of the Corrigan Oil Claimers. Jason Davis takes over on lap two as Griffin Quisenberry takes second. Five laps in, Davis gets loose in turn two allowing Quisenberry to take the lead. With eight laps to go, Matt Sairls takes over third, but Quisenberry has checked out. At the finish, Quisenberry takes the win followed by Davis and Sairls. Quisenberry wins the slugfest points championship.

Bobby Prather led the opening lap of the 25-lap enduro figure 8. Tim Hurrell kept pace, and the leaders encountered lapped traffic early on lap two. On the fifth circuit, Prather got hung up with a lapped car allowing Hurrell to take the lead. As the race continued, Hurrell stayed steady, and avoided most of the carnage. Prather would fall back, but stay within striking distance if something should happen to Hurrell. At the half way mark, Ray Derminer took over third, but would never make any ground on the leaders. At the finish, Hurrell took the win with Prather and Derminer in the top three, and the only car remaining on the lead lap. After some careful calculations, Bobby Prather would win the 2019 Corrigan Oil Speedway figure 8 points championship but just one point.

Slugfest #5 marks the end of the 2019 racing season at Corrigan Oil Speedway. One event remains at the facility on Friday, September 6th, a night of destruction. School bus figure 8’s, trailer races and more are on the schedule. At intermission, country music recording artist DeWayne Spaw will be in concert. For more information, log on to the official Corrigan oil Speedway website at

Event Summery:

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 07 Matt Vainner 13.485

Feature: 1) 31 Jason Parish 2) 07 Matt Vainer 3) 1 Al Berry 4) 7 Jon McNett 5) 81 Tracey Hernly 6) 47 Bill Heeney 7) 7 Dave McManus 8) 20 Tim Lahar 9) 62 Steve Pelky 10) 71 Chris Hettinger 11) 32 Logan Haughton 12) m1 Bill Butler 13) 18 Kirk Newland 14) 96 Justin Kazmar 15) 88 Ryan Dick 16) 73 Lyn Hall 17) 69 Derek Winebrenner 18) 5 Mike Westphal 19) 93 Curtis Spencer 20) 4 John May

Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman

Fast Time: 29 Justin Dinzik 13.633

Feature: 1) 29 Justin Danzik 2) 32 Chris Shannon 3) 38 Gordon Alblas 4) 27 Jerry Osterhouse 5) 13 Derek Kearns 6) 73 Cody Hall 7) 7L Dane Long 8) 48 Craig Stephens 9) 1 Troy Andrews 10) 47 Max Price 11) 10 Steve Dorer 12) 33 Greg Studt 13) 20 Tim Lahar 14) 12 Mike Ammerman 15) 3 Scott Booth

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 11 Griffin Quisenberry 17.197

Feature: 1) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 2) 43 Jason Davis 3) 25 Matt Sairls 4) 00 Randy Wing 5) 77 Joey Wirt 6) 29 Chris Reid 7) 24 Tim Hurrell 8) 4 Bobby Prather

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 42 Jerry Pierman 14.029

Feature: 1) 42 Jerry Pierman 2) 25 Jesse Collinge 3) 007 Dale Lewis 4) 55 Robbie Johnston 5) 12 Bob Metheny 6) 9 Jim Miller Jr 7) 42 Nate Jenkins 8) x17 Chris Begg 9) 16 Zach Westdorp 10) 151 Pat Dent DNS 51 Ron Hart

Enduro Figure 8: 1) 24 Tim Hurrell 2) 4 Bobby Prather 3) 0 Ray Derminer 4) 17n Todd Nelson 5) 27 Patiance Degg 6) 71 Jimmy Birchett 7) 77 Joey Wirt 8) 74 James Gokee Jr 9) 00 Randy Wing 10) 22 Ryan Fillingham 11) 25 Matt Sairls 12) 17 John Davis 13) 29 Chris Reid