Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 8-9-19

In Race Results, Track News by Duane Turner

A full slate of activities for Corrigan Oil Speedway left no spare time on this Friday evening. Old timers were on hand, plus some local Sheriffs would also stage their own race. A full slate of regular racing, as well as many military veterans were on hand to send off some new recruits.

The old timers started off with Hurryin’ Hank Lower setting the early pace. Lower kept a lead over Rick Kilborn who finished second with John Lawhorn in third. In the Sheriff’s race, Mike Murphy from Livingston County edged out Scott Wrigglesworth from Ingham County at the finish line to take the win.

In the Parts Place Napa junior bandit class, Hunter Hath took the early lead followed by Joel Smith. On lap three, Smith takes the lead followed by Killian McMann and Eric Wisniewski. At the finish, Smith held on for the win followed by McMann and Wisniewski. In the bandit division, Mason Surgener grabbed the lead, and ran away with the win. Caiden Bailey was second.

The Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks saw Nate Jenkins pace the field to the green flag. Three laps in, Jenkins is out front with Dale Lewis and Mike Havans side by side for second. Tim Lahar settles in to fourth waiting for an opening. At the half way mark, Jenkins has pulled away slightly as Lewis finally takes second with Havans and Lahar close behind. At the finish, Lewis is able to catch Jenkins, but not enough as Jenkins takes the win. Lewis, and Havans were the top three.

Logan Mears led the opening lap of the MCR Dwarf Cars, with Eric Hoffman and Mark Yearling in tow. Ten laps in, the top five cars all run nose to tail, as calamity takes place with four of the top five spinning in turn three. On the restart, fast timer Yearling is able to take the lead. With ten laps to go, the top six run bumper to bumper as Hoffman looks under Mears for second. At the finish, Yearling holds on as Mears and Eric Hoffman are the top three.

The Boss Snow Equipment saw Troy Andrews lead the opening lap. On lap five, Lane Head used the outside to take the lead. Chris Garrett closed on Andrews to battle for second, but contact between Andrews and Garrett would end the race for Garrett. On the restart, Mike Ammerman takes over second, and Derek Kearns takes third two laps later. With 23 laps to go, Ammerman takes the inside line away of Lane Head and takes the leas. Gordon Alblas takes third just one lap later. At the half way mark, Alblas takes over second as Lane and Kenny Head battle for third. On a restart with 15 to go, Alblas uses the outside to take the lead. Ammerman stays strong on the inside as the duo are still side by side with ten to go. With eight to go, Alblas finally secures the position, as Kenny Head takes second two laps later. With five to go, Kenny Head gets under Alblas, and pulls away for the win. Alblas is second with Ammerman, Dane Long and Lane Head the top five.

The final event of the evening is the Corrigan Oil Claimers. Zach Stultz grabbed the early lead with Griffin Quisenberry and Jacob Newman in the top three. On lap five, Newman goes from third, to the lead using the high side of the speedway. Quisenberry takes over second as Jason Davis is third just one lap later. At the finish, Newman takes the win followed by Quisenberry and Davis. In post-race tech inspections, Newman was found to have unapproved suspension modifications, and disqualified.

Up next at Corrigan Oil Speedway on Friday, August 16th, a full program to include the CRA late models, modifieds, street stocks, and claimers. For more information, log on to the official website at

Event Summery:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 41 Jacob Newman 16.497

Heat Race: 1) 41 Jacob Newman 2) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 3) 43 Jason Davis 4) 77 Joey Wirt 5) 4 Bobby Prather 6) 29 Chris Reid

Feature: 1) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 2) 43 Jason Davis 3) 44 Zach Stultz 4) 77 Joey Wirt 5) 4 Bobby Prather 6) 29 Chris Reid     DQ 41 Jacob Newman

Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman

Fast Time: 26 Kenny Head 13.584

Fast Car Dash: 1) 7l Dane Long 2) 38 Gordon Alblas 3) 26 Kenny Head 4) 12 Mike Ammerman

Heat Race: 1) 32 Chris Garrett 2) 1 Troy Andrews 3) 13 Derek Kerns 4) 47 Max Price 5) 73 Cody Hall 6) 32 Chris Shannon 7) 15 Lane Head 
Feature: 1) 26 Kenny Head 2) 38 Gordon Alblas 3) 12 Mike Ammerman 4) 7L Dane Long 5) 15 Lane Head 6) 73 Cody Hall 7) 1 Troy Andrews 8) 47 Max Price 9) 13 Derek Kearns 10) 32 Chris Garrett 11) 32 Chris Shannon

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 20 Tim Lahar 14.883

Heat Race #1: 1) 007 Dale Lewis 2) 20 Tim Lahar 3) 42 Nate Jenkins 4) 145 Mike Havans 5) 17 Montie Mathews

Feature: 1) 42 Nate Jenkins 2) 007 Dale Lewis 3) 145 Mike Havans 4) 17 Montie Mathews 5) 20 Tim Lahar

MCR Dwarf Cars

Fast Time: 20 Tristan Francis 13.602

Heat Race #1: 1) 9 Mark Yearling 2) 343 Jeff Slayton 3) 4 Brandon Collins 4) 97x Bill Pennington 5) 77 Mike Petrizzo 6) 85 Logan Mears

Heat Race #2: 1) 20 Tristan Francis 2) 88 Reic Hoffman 3) 97 Troy Hoffman 4) 1a Matt Kemp 5) 29 Jon Wylie

Feature: 1) 9 Mark Yearling 2) 85 Logan Mears 3) 88 Eric Hoffman 4) 29 Jon Wylie 5) 20 Triston Francis 6) 1a Matt Kemp 7) 343 Jeff Slayton 8) 4 Brandon Collins 9) 97x Bill Pennington 10) 77 Mike Petrizzo 11) 97 Troy Hoffman

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Heat Race: 1) 25 Eric Wisniewski 2) 18 Killian McMann 3) 24 Joel Smith 4) 08 Cochran Blaine 5) 7L Logan Long 6) 13 Nevaeh Larner 7) 3 Hunter Hath

Bandit Heat Race: 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 4 Caiden Bailey

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 24 Joel Smith 2) 18 Killian McMann 3) 25 Eric Wisniewski 4) 7L Logan Long 5) 13 Nevaeh Larner 6) 3 Hunter Hath 7) 08 Cochran Blaine

Bandit Feature: 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 4 Caiden Bailey

Old Timers
Heat Race: 1) 37 Hank Lower 2) 5 John Lawhorn 3) 1 Rick Kilborn 4) 4 JR Curtis 5) 98 Henry Dowker 6) 92 Dick Slagle 7) 71 Gary Fedewa 8) 11 Mike Eastman 9) 66 Bill Layton 10) 6 John Morton 11) 83 Mark Strepko 12) 61 King Kramer 13) 17 Randy Goodman

Feature: 1) 37 Hank Lower 2) 1 Rick Kilborne 3) 5 John Lawhorn 4) 98 Henry Dowker 5) 11 Mike Eastman 6) 66 Bill Layton 7) 83 Mark Strepko 8) 4 JR Curtis 9) 71 Gary Fedewa 10) 61 King Kramer 11) 6 John Morton 12) 92 Dick Slagle 13) 17 Randy Goodman

Faster Sheriff’s Race: 1) 25 Mike Murphy-Livingston Co. 2) 24 Scott Wrigglesworth-Ingham Co. 3) 4 Larry Jerve-Clinton Co.  4) 25 Tom Reich-Eaton Co.