Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 8-4-19

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Slugfest #4 at the Corrigan Oil Speedway took place on a perfect Sunday afternoon. With the Midwest Compact Touring Series on hand, along with the Corrigan Oil Speedway regular divisions, seven feature events took to the 1/4-mile facility.

The Parts Place Napa Bandolero junior bandits took to the speedway with Eric Wisniewski pacing the field. At the drop of the green, Wisniewski jumped out to the early lead with Killian McMann and Hunter Hath in the top three. With five laps to go, Joel Smith was able to use lapped traffic top move in to third. At the finish, Wisniewski dominates the 12-lap event with McMann and Smith in the top three. Mason Surgener took the win in the bandit class with Caiden Bailey in second. During post race inspection of the junior bandits, officials were forced to disqualify Eric Wisniewski, giving the win to Killian McMann. Moments later, Mason Surgener was also disqualified giving Caiden Bailey the win in the senior bandit class.

Chris Reid paced the field of Corrigan Oil Claimers to the start of their 20 lap main event. Reid led the opening lap, but Justin Southward took over the point on lap two, as Jason Davis followed in to second. On lap five, Davis took over the lead, but Evan Haas took over one lap later. Griffin Quisenberry took second on lap eight, and set sail after the leader. At the half-way mark, Quisenberry challenged to the inside, but broke loose and lost ground to Hass. On a lap 14 restart, Quisenberry used the outside to take the lead, but Haas challenges back on the inside. With the white flag in the air, the lead duo race side by side, but Quisenberry holds on for the win. Hass is second with Jason Davis, Southward, and Tim Hurrell in the top five.

The Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks saw Nate Jenkins grab the early lead with Pat Dent close behind. Ron Hart grabbed third on lap two as Mike Havans challenged back to retake third one lap later. Eight laps in, Jerry Pierman uses the outside to take over second, and quickly puts pressure on Jenkins for the race lead. 13 laps in, Pierman takes the lead as the top three run nose to tail. At the half way mark, Pierman is pulling away as a three-car battle for second erupts. With 20 laps to go, Havens takes second away from Jenkins as Robbie Johnston and Ron Hart join the fray. With just 10 laps to go, Johnston slips in to second, as Hart pulls pit-side. Two laps later, Johnston uses the high-side to take second. At the finish, Pierman dominates the 50 lap main event. Johnston and Havans are the top three.

Jordan Harvey leads early in the Boss Snow Equipment late model Sportsman 50 lap feature. A restart on lap four allowed fast timer Gordon Alblas to move in to second, then takes over the lead one lap later. Dane Long takes over second on a lap seven restart. Mike Ammerman takes over third on lap ten, but the lead duo is pulling away. At the half way mark, Alblas begins to pull away as it appears Long is loose on corner exit. As the lead duo entered lapped traffic, Alblas worked his way through while Long was unable to clear the traffic. At the finish, Alblas took the win followed by Long and Ammerman.

Drawing a nine for the modified inversion put Logan Haughton on the pole. The Sawyers Chevrolet modifieds have 50 laps to decide the winner. Steve Pelky leads the field on the opening lap with Justin Kazmar and Kyle Drake in tow. Jason Parish moves in to fourth on lap four. Parish takes third on lap eight, as Tim Lahar takes over fifth. Ten laps in, fast timer Tracey Hernly takes sixth as the top six run nose to tail. 15 laps in, Parish takes second, as caution waves. On the restart, Parish uses the high-side to take the lead. With 30 to go, Parish is pulling away as Hernly takes over fourth. Two laps later, Hernly takes over third and then second just one lap later. At lap 25 the top two begin to pull away. With the laps winding down, Hernly appears faster, but Parish holds on for the win. Hernly, Drake, Kazmar and Pelky are the top five.

Nash Engdahl led the field of Midwest Compact Touring Series to the green flag for their 40-lap event. Engdahl takes the early lead followed by Ryan Hollister and Todd Metz Jr. On lap 13, Ryan Hollister takes the lead as Todd Metz Jr follows in to second, but one lap later, Metz Jr takes the lead. 17 laps in, fast timer Pete Doxey takes over second, and sets pace after Metz Jr. As the leaders pull away at the half way mark, William Larner takes over third. With the laps winding down, Doxey stays close, but Metz Jr takes the win. Doxey and Larner are the top three.

The enduro figure 8 saw Ray Deminer lead the opening lap with Bobby Prather and TJ Hurrell on his bumper. Five laps in, Hurrell loses a right front tire ending his race. Deminer spins in turn one, allowing Prather to take the point on lap six. On lap ten, Todd Nelson took the lead as Prather slowed. On lap 16, Nelson and fourth place running Neil Beukema both came in to the intersection and neither driver gave an inch. A hard collision brought out the red flag, but both drivers were OK. This gave the lead to Jimmy Burchett with Deminer in second. On lap 19, Deminer took the lead, but then a flat right front ended his race. Just as Burchett took the lead, he exited the track giving the lead to Juston Southward who was one lap down. Being the only car left on the lead lap, Southward cruised to victory. Prather ended up second with Burchett in third.

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Event Summery:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Timer: 11 Griffin Quisenberry 17.206

Feature: 1) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 2) 426 Evan Haas 3) 43 Jason Davis 4) 276 Justin Southward 5) 24 Tim Hurrell 6) 00 Randy Wing 7) 4 Bobby Prather 8) 27 Patience Degg 9) 77 Chris Reid

Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman

Fast Time: 38 Gordon Alblas 13.783

Feature: 1) 38 Gordon Alblas 2) 7L Dane Long 3) 12 Mike Ammerman 4) 73 Cody hall 5) 1 Troy Andrews 6) 47 Max Price 7) 07 Jordan Harvey  8) 3 Scott Booth 9) 13 William Larner

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 42 Jeremy Pierman 14.869

Feature: 1) 42 Jerry Pierman 2) 55 Robbie Johnston 3) 145 Mike Havans 4) 42 Nate Jenkins 5) 51 Ron Hart 6) 151 Pat Dent

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 81 Tracey Hernly 13.525

Feature: 1) 31 Jason Parish 2) 81 Tracey Hernly 3) 81 Kyle Drake 4) 96 Justin Kazmar 5) 62 Steve Pelky 6) 7 Jon McNett 7) M1 Bill Butler 8) 20 Tim Lahar 9) 47 Bill Heeney 10) 32 Logan Haughton 11) Jim Heeney 12) 07 Matt Vainer

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 18 Killian McMann 2) 25 Joel Smith 3) 3 Hunter Hath 4) 7L Logan Long 5) 08 Blain Cochran 6) 13 Nevaeh Larner 7) 27 Arlington Ward DQ 25 Eric Wisniewski

Bandit Feature: 1) 4 Caiden Bailey DQ 42 Mason Surgener

Midwest Compact Touring Series

Fast Timer: 28 Pete Doxey 15.156

Feature: 1) 79 Todd Metz Jr 2) 28 Pete Doxey 3) 13 William Larner 4) 17 DJ Marciniak 5) 67 Nash Engdahl 6) 13 Brock Sweeter 7) 71 Jimmy Burchett 8) 88 Ashley Chalfant 9) 5 Ryan Hollister 10) 18 Ryan Drumhiller 11) 8 Ryan Hufford 12) 25 Leaha Howey 13) 28 Steve Workman 14) 56 Mike Westphal 15) 332 Cody Whitfield

Enduro Figure 8: 1) 276 Justin Southward 2) 4 Bobby Prather 3) 71 Jimmy Burchett 4) 0 Ray Deminer 5) 27 Patience Degg 6) 17n Todd Nelson 7) 28 Neil Beukema 8) 00 Randy Wing 9) 0 Cory Nordman 10) 77 Chris Reid 11) 24 TJ Hurrell 12) 332 Collin Whitfield