Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 8-23-19

In Race Results, Track News by Duane Turner

The final night of points racing for Corrigan Oil Speedway had all five classes settle their point battles. While the championships were all locked up before the feature races started, it did not hamper the racing excitement.

At the start of The Parts Place Napa junior bandit Bandolero feature, Killian McMann quickly made his way to the front. Joel Smith took second one lap later with Eric Wisniewski in tow. On a lap three restart, Smith used the outside starting postion to take the lead. Wisniewski took over second one lap later. At the finish, Smith edges out Wisniewski for the win. Logan Long nosed ahead of McMann for third at the line. Joel Smith is your 2019 junior bandit champion.

Caiden Bailey paced the senior bandit bandoleros to the start of their 12-lap feature. Kody King got the early jump as Mason Surgener followed in to second on the opening lap. On lap four, Justin Ziemiecki took third, but Bailey stayed strong retaking the postion on lap five. With the white flag in the air, King makes a strong move through lapped traffic to open up his lead, and take the win. Surgener is second, as Ziemiecki takes third. Mason Surgener is the points champion.

Cody Hall led the field of Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman to the start of their 35-lap race. Troy Andrews led the opening lap, with Hall in second. A mess of cars battled for third, as Derek Kerns emerged from the group on lap three. On lap seven, Kearns takes over second as Steve Dorer follows in to third. Ten laps in, Dorer takes over second in lapped traffic. With 20 laps to go, Dorer takes the lead as Gordon Alblas and Dane Long join the battle for third. A restart with 18 to go, Alblas takes over second, as Long takes third. With ten to go, the top two cars have pulled away. With the white in the air, Alblas got loose in turn four giving Dorer the room he need to take the win. Alblas was second and Kearns in third. Dane Long wins the points championship.

Dominique VanWierigen grabbed the opening lap lead for the Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds as Bill Heeney and Tim Lahar followed. On lap six, Jason Parish takes over third. 20 laps to go, VanWierigen is pulling away as a four-car battle erupted for second. Parish uses the outside to take over second with 14 to go. With seven laps to, Hernly uses the outside to take fourth, then third just one lap later. At the finish, VanWierigen dominates the field for the win as Parish and Hernly are the top three. Jon McNett is the season points champion

The Performance Automotive Northwest street stocks saw Montie Mathews and Pat Dent make contact on the opening lap ending both of their races. On the second start, Nate Jenkins pulls away as the rest of the field battle for second. Tim Lahar breaks free on lap four, with Ron Heeney in tow. Ten laps in, Heeney takes over second, and quickly puts pressure on Jenkins for the lead. With just ten laps remaining, Heeney uses the outside to take the point. At the finish, Heeney takes the win followed by Jenkins and Lahar in the top three. Mike Havans is the points champion.

The Corrigan Oil Claimers would run their feature event backwards, as Jason Davis led the opening lap. Bobby Prather and Joey Wirt would battle for second as Davis pulled away out front. With seven laps in, Griffin Quisenberry takes over third, and chases down Prather in second. With nine to go, Quisenberry takes over second, but is a half lap down to Davis. A caution with seven laps to go would erase that half lap lead. On the restart, Davis keeps the advantage, and pulls away for the win. Quisenberry is second with Prather in third. Jason Davis wins the points championship.

With just two events remaining in the 2019 racing season, Corrigan Oil Speedway is preparing for those special events. On Sunday, September 1st, the annual Harvest Plus will feature the figure 8 championship. Then on Friday, September 6 is Fun Night #2 featuring country music artist DeWayne Spaw, and school bus figure 8’s. For more information, log on to the official Corrigan Oil Speedway website at

Event Summery:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 11 Griffin Quisenberry 17.141

Heat Race #1: 1) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 2) 43 Jason Davis 3) 77 Joey Wirt 4) 4 Bobby Prather 5) 25 Matt Sairls 6) 29 Chris Reid

Feature: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 3) 4 Bobby Prather 4) 25 Matt Sairls 5) 29 Chris Reid 6) 77 Joey Wirt

Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman

Fast Time: 38 Gordon Alblas 13.702

Fast Car Dash: 1) 13 Derek Kearns 2) 10 Steve Dorer 3) 7L Dane Long 4) 38 Gordon Alblas

Heat Race: 1) 47 Max Price 2) 1 Troy Andrews 3) 12 Tom Williams 4) 18 Mike Cloutier 5) 73 Cody Hall

Feature: 1) 10 Steve Dorer 2) 38 Gordon Alblas 3) 13 Derek Kearns 4) 7L Dane Long 5) 73 Cody Hall 6) 47 Max Price 7) 18 Mike Cloutier 8) 12 Tom Williams 9) 1 Troy Andrews

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 145 Mike Havans 15.010

Heat Race #1: 1) 70 Ron Heeney 2) 42 Nate Jenkins 3) 20 Darrell Taylor 4) 145 Mike Havans 5) 20 Tim Lahar 6) 17 Montie Mathews

Feature: 1) 70 Ron Heeney 2) 42 Nate Jenkins 3) 20 Tim Lahar 4) 145 Mike Havans 5) Darrell Taylor 6) 17 Montie Mathews 7) 151 Pat Dent

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 81 Tracey Hernly 13.667

Heat Race #1: 1) M1 Bill Butler 2) 7 Dominique VanWierigen 3) 47 Bill Heeney 4) 31 Jason Davis 5) 18 Kirk Newland 6) 81 Tracey Hernly 7) 7 Jon McNett 8) 20 Tim Lahar 

Feature: 1) 7 Dominique VanWierigen 2) 31 Jason Parish 3) 81 Tracey Hernly 4) 47 Bill Heeney 5) 20 Tim Lahar 6) 7 Jon McNett 7) 18 Kirk Newland 8) m1 Bill Butler

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Heat Race: 1) 7L Logan Long 2) Eric Wisniewski 3) 24 Joel Smith 4) 3 Hunter Hath 5) 18 Killian McMann 6) 08 Blaine Cochran 7) 13 Nevaeh Larner

Bandit Heat Race: 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 14 Kody King 3) J3 Justin Ziemiecki 4) 4 Caiden Bailey

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 24 Joel Smith 2) 25 Eric Wisniewski 3) 7L Logan Long 4) 18 Killian McMann 5) 3 Hunter Hath 6) 08 Blaine Cochran 7) 13 Nevaeh Larner

Bandit Feature: 1) 14 Kody King 2) 42 Mason Surgener 3) J3 Justin Ziemiecki 4) 4 Caiden Bailey