Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 8-16-19

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The CRA Jr Late Models paid a visit to the semi-banked 1/4-mile of Corrigan Oil Speedway. Charlie Keeven survived late race accidents to take the feature win. Jason Parish won the modifieds, Ron Hart in the street stocks, and Jason Davis won the claimers.

The first event of the night would be the Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks. Jerry Schroll set the pace, but it was Nate Jenkins leading lap one. Ron Hart followed in to second, with Mike Havans in third on lap two. Hart takes the lead on lap four, as caution waves on lap five. On the restart, Ron Heeney takes over second, as Hart begins to pull away. On lap nine, Pat dent takes over third as Havans follows in to fourth. On a restart with 10 laps to go, Heeney breaks loose allowing Havans to jump from fourth to second. In the closing laps, Dent and Havans stayed close, but it is Ron Hart taking the win. Havans and Dent are the top three.

Charlie Keeven paced the CRA Jr Late Models to the start of their 25 lap main event. Keeven led the opening lap followed by Chase Burda and Katelyn Hettinger. Ten laps in, Keeven holds a nice lead over Burda, as the duo distance themselves from the field. With the laps winding down, Burda spins in turn four with just five laps to go. On the restart, Zack Wilhelm out of nowhere takes the lead. Keeven holds on to second, as Hettinger is third. On the final lap. Keeven dives in to turn three, moves Wilhelm up the track to take the win. Hettinger also makes contact with Wilhelm as the duo spin in to the turn four wall. Chase Burda is scored second with Dawson Knaul in third.

The Sawyers Chevrolet modifieds saw Tim Easey out front after lap one. Matt Vainer secures second on lap two, as Tim Lahar is third. Vainer uses the outside to take the point on lap five, as Jason Parish looks for second two laps later. On a lap 11 restart, Parish uses the outside to take the lead, as the front duo pulls away from the battle that is taking place for third. Tim Lahar secures third place on lap 18, as Parish pulls away up front. With 15 laps to go, Easey retakes third as Tracey Hernly goes from fifth to third one lap later. Conner Landis moves in to fourth with 12 laps to go. With five laps to go. Hernly has caught the lead duo, but not soon enough as Parish takes the win. Vainer holds on for second as Hernly settles for third.

The Corrigan Oil Claimer had a surprise on the pace lap, as they were turned around to run the race clockwise. Jason Davis grabbed the early lead, but Joey Wirt is keeping pace. George Garza settles in to third. At the half way mark, Garza took over second, and set sail after Davis for the lead. With five laps to go, Davis catches lapped traffic allowing Garza to catch up. Davis clears the traffic with four to go, and is able to hold on for the win. Garza is a close second with Wirt in third.

Up next at Corrigan Oil Speedway on Friday, August 23rd, it is championship night for all five divisions. The late model sportsman, modifieds, street stocks, claimers, and bandoleros will all do battle on the final points night. For more information, log on to the official Corrigan Oil Speedway website at

Event Summery:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 11 George Garza 17.268

Heat Race: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 11 George Garza 3) 77 Joey Wirt 4) 29 Chris Reid

Feature: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 11 George Garza 3) 77 Joey Wirt 4) 29 Chris Reid

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 70 Ron Heeney 14.912

Heat Race #1: 1) 42 Nate Jenkins 2) 51 Ron Hart 3) 145 Mike Havans 4) 17 Montie Mathews 5) 2x Jerry Schroll 6) 70 Ron Heeney 7) 151 Pat Dent

Feature: 1) 51 Ron Hart 2) 145 Mike Havans 3) 151 Pat Dent 4) 70 Ron Heeney 5) 42 Nate Jenkins 6) 2x Jerry Schroll 7) 17 Montie Mathews

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 81 Tracey Hernly 13.510

Heat Race #1: 1) 10 Conner Landis 2) 31 Jason Parish 3) 20 Tim Lahar 4) 9 Jason Timmerman 5) 81 Tracey Hernly 6) 5 Brent Drobny

Heat Race #2: 1) 47 Bill Heeney 2) 7 Jon McNett 3) 07 Matt Vainer 4) 63 Tim Easey 5) M1 Bill Butler 6) 17 Jim Heeney DNS

Feature: 1) 31 Jason Parish 2) 07 Matt Vainer 3) 81 10 Conner Landis 5) 9 Jason Timmerman 6) 7 Jon McNett 7) 63 Tim Easey 8) 20 Tim Lahar 9) m1 Bill Butler 10) 47 Bill Heeney 11) 5 Brent Drobny 12) 17 Jim Heeney

CRA Jr Late Models

Fast Time: 18 Chase Burda 14.186

Heat Race #1: 1) 18 Chase Burda 2) 55 Charlie Keeven 3) 71 Katelyn Hettinger

Heat Race #2: 1) 42 Zach Wilhelm 2) 61 Evan Varney 3) 7 Dawson Knaul

Feature: 1) 55 Charlie Keeven 2) 18 Chase Burda 3) 7 Dawson Knaul 4) 61 Evan Varney 5) 42 Zach Wilhelm 6) Katelyn Hettinger