Corrigan Oil Speedway Results 6-28-19

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Kids night at Corrigan Oil Speedway is always a fan favorite, and this year was no different. Many young race fans went home with a brand new bicycle on Beacon Sales and Service night.

The first feature of the evening was the junior bandit Bandoleros. Joel Smith led the opening lap with Logan Long and Eric Wisniewski close behind. Wisniewski took over second on lap four, but Long stayed close as Smith pulled away up front. At the finish, Smith pulled away for the win. Wisniewski was second, followed by Long, and a fast closing Killian McMann. In the bandit feature, Mason Surgener took the early lead, and led all 12 laps for the feature win. Caiden Bailey was second.

The Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks saw Mike Havans lead the opening lap, as Nate Jenkins and John Kennedy challenged on the inside. Ten laps in, caution waves for Jenkins and Kennedy who spin in turn one. On the restart, Havans and Kennedy make contact, but Havans maintains the lead. With 10 laps to go, the top three race for the lead. Kennedy uses the outside to lead lap 16, as Havans leads lap 18. A caution with six laps to go moves Jenkins back to second, but Kennedy quickly moves in to third on the restart. With three laps to go, the top three are side by side as Havans takes the win by a nose over Jenkins and Kennedy.

Max Price paced the field of Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman. Price led lap one with Mike Ammerman and Dane Long in tow. On lap five, Long moves from third to first on the outside. Fast qualifier Gordon Alblas follows Long in to second as the lead duo begin to pull away. Ten laps in, Ammerman takes over third as Troy Andrews takes fourth one lap later. Caution waves on lap 20 as Price spins in turn one. On the restart, Long regains the lead with Alblas a close second. Andrews takes over third with eight laps to go, as the battle for the lead heats up. At the finish, Long hangs on for the win with Alblas on his bumper. Ammerman retakes third as Andrews and Cody Hall round out the top five.

The Sawyers Chevrolet modifieds saw Bill Heeney lead the opening lap, as Chris Hettinger and Damion Lytle battled for second. Jon McNett takes over third on lap five, as the top three start to pull away. McNett takes over second just three laps later, and Dominique VanWierigen takes over fourth followed by Tracey Hernley. On a lap ten restart, VanWierigen takes over third, and quickly puts pressure on McNett. VanWierigen than takes second on lap 19 as the top six run nose to tail. With 12 laps to go, VanWierigen gets under Heeney to take the lead and quickly begins to pull away. Hernley makes a bid to take over third with three laps to go, but at the finish, VanWierigen takes the win. Heeney holds on for second with Hernley, McNett and Hettinger in the top five.

Chris Reid led the opening lap of the Corrigan Oil Claimer followed by Griffin Quisenberry and Matt Sairls. Quisenberry takes command one lap later as Sairls takes over second. Jason Davis takes third on lap four, and begins to close on the lead duo. Eight laps in, the leaders catch lapped traffic as Sairls catches Quisenberry. Over the final laps, Quisenberry slowly pulls away to take the win. Sairls is second with Davis in third.

Next Friday night on July 5th is Fun Night #1. A night of destruction that will consist of school bus figure 8’s, trailer races, Bandoleros and a burn out contest. For more information, log on to the official website at, on Facebook at, and on twitter at

Event Summery:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 43 Jason Davis 17.507

Heat Race: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 3) 29 Chris Reid 4) 25 Matt Sairls 5) 4 Bobby Prather 6) 99 Rachel Lytle 7) 27 Patience Degg

Feature: 1) 11 Griffin Quisenberry 2) 25 Matt Sairls 3) 43 Jason Davis 4) 4 Bobby Prather 5) 29 Chris Reid 6) 99 Rachel Lytle 7) 27 Patience Degg

Boss Snow Equipment Late Model Sportsman

Fast Time: 38 Gordon Alblas 13.836

Heat Race #1: 1) 7l Dane Long 2) 38 Gordon Alblas 3) 12 Mike Ammerman 4) 73 Cody Hall 5) 47 Max Price 6) 20 Jami Larner 7) 3 Scott Booth 8) 1 Troy Andrews

Feature: 1) 7L Dane Long 2) 38 Gordon Alblas 3) Mike Ammerman 4) 1 Troy Andrews 5) 73 Cody Hall 6) 47 Max Price 7) 20 Jami Larner 8) 3 Scott Booth

Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks

Fast Time: 35 John Kennedy 14.815

Heat Race #1: 1) 145 Mike Havans 2) 35 John Kennedy 3) 42 Nate Jenkins 4) 17 Montie Matthews

Feature: 1) 145 Mike Havans 2) 42 Nate Jenkins 3) 35 John Kennedy 4) Montie Matthews

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 81 Tracey Hernley 13.643

Heat Race #1: 1) 71 Chris Hettinger 2) 7 Jon McNett 3) 47 Bill Heeney 4) 96 Justin Kazmar 5) 7w Dominique VanWierigen 6) 559 Damion Lytle 7) 81 Tracey Hernley 

Heat race #2: 1) m1 Bill Butler 2) 63 Tim Easey 3) 5w Mike Westphal 4) 32 Logan Haughton 5) 89 Tony Pastorino 6) 12x Mike Occhipinti 7) 18 Kirk Newland

Feature: 1) 7 Dominique VanWierigen 2) 47 Bill Heeney 3) 81 Tracey Hernley 4) 7 Jon McNett 5) 71 Chris Hettinger 6) 12x Mike Occhipinti 7) 96 Justin Kazmar 8) 63 Tim Easey 9) m1 Bill Butler 10) 559 Damion Lytle 11) 18 Kirk Newland 12) 32 Logan Haughton 13) 89 Tony Pastorino 14) 5w Mike Westphal

The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros

Junior Bandit Heat Race: 1) 25 Eric Wisniewski 2) 24 Joel Smith 3) 7L Logan Long 4) 18 Killian McMann 5) 13 Nevaeh Larner

Bandit Heat Race: 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 4 Caiden Bailey

Junior Bandit Feature: 1) 24 Joel Smith 2) 25 Eric Wisniewski 3) 7L Logan Long 4) 18 Killian McMann 5) 3 Hunter Hath 6) 13 Nevaeh Larner Bandit Feature: 1) 42 Mason Surgener 2) 4 Caiden Bailey