Corrigan Oil Speedway Race Results 4/26/19

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McNett, Rudzik, Hart, and Davis Take Opening Night Corrigan Oil Speedway Victories

By Duane Turner, Mason, MI: With the opening of the 2019 racing season, strong winds and cold temps would great race teams and fans at Corrigan Oil Speedway. Jon McNett grabbed the Sawyers Chevrolet Modified feature, while Greg Rudzik took the Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends main event. In the Performance Automotive Northwest Spartan Stocks, Ron Hart led the final 20 laps for the win while Jason Davis lead wire to wire to claim the Corrigan Oil Claimer division.

The Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds would take the track first for their feature with Kirk Newland leading the field to the green flag. Jon McNett leads lap one from the outside as Newland follows in to second. Bill Heeney Jr quickly moves in to third and is looking for a way around Newland. Tim Lahar takes over third on lap five, but slips high allowing Tim Easey to close in moving Heeney Jr back to fifth. On a lap nine restart, Tim Easey sneaks in to second with Tim Lahar in third as McNett again is checking out. In the final laps, Lahar made a run at Easey for second, but broke loose in turn three. At the finish, McNett takes the win followed by Easey, and Lahar.

Aaron Hurst led the Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends to the green flag, but Rich Michalak takes the early lead. Greg Rudzik takes over second on lap two, as James Lynch follows in to third. On lap six, Rudzik is able to slip under Michalak to take the lead. Rudzik continued to pull away over the non-stop 25 laps and takes the win. Rich Michalak and James Lynch are the top three.

Dale Lewis takes the early lead in the Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks. Ron Hart is a close second, as John Kennedy takes over third. On lap five, Hart gets under Lewis to take over the lead as Kennedy closes in to race for second, but pulls pit-side on lap seven. Mike Havans inherits third, but Hart and Lewis pull away from the field. With ten laps to go, Lewis jumped the inside curb in turn four allowing Havans to close in. With five to go, Havans gets loose as the duo make contact with Havans taking over second. At the finish, Hart takes the win with Havans and Lewis the top three.

The Corrigan Oil Claimer division had Jason Davis lead the opening lap with Justin Southward close behind. Caution on lap three as Chris Reid loses a tire on the backstraight. On the restart, Calen Heselschwerdt takes over second as Davis starts to pull away. Two laps later, Zach Stultz takes over second as caution waves on lap five. On the restart, Stultz gets a slow start sending him back to fourth. Heselschwerdt takes over second as Davis pulls away again. With the laps winding down, Heselschwerdt is forced pit-side with a flat tire. At the finish, Davis held on for the win followed by Zach Schultz and Justin Southward in the top three.

Up next at Corrigan Oil Speedway on Friday, May 3rd, a five division show featuring The Parts Place NAPA Bandoleros, Corrigan Oil Claimer Cars, Performance Automotive Northwest Street Stocks, Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds, and the Boss Snow Equipment Late Models. Pit gates open at 3:00, grandstands open at 5:00 with racing at 7:30. For more information, visit the official website at, or on Facebook

Event Summary:

Corrigan Oil Claimers

Fast Time: 426 Evan Haas 17.317

Heat Race: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 29 Chris Ried 3) 276 Justin Southword 4) 13c Calen Heselschwerdt 5) 44 Zach Stultz

Feature: 1) 43 Jason Davis 2) 44 Zach Stultz 3) 276 Justin Southword 4) 29 Chris Reid 5) 13 Calen Heselschwerdt

Performance Automotive Street Stocks

Fast Time: 51 Ron Hart 14.681

Heat Race #1: 1) 51 Ron Hart 2) 35 John Kennedy 3) 007 Dale Lewis 4) 66 Ed Everidge 5) 145 Mike Havans 6) 20 Tim Lahar

Feature: 1) 51 Ron Hart 2) 145 Mike Havans 3) 007 Dale Lewis 4) 66 Ed Everidge 5) 42 Nate Jenkins 6) 35 John Kennedy

Sawyers Chevrolet Modifieds

Fast Time: 20 Tim Lahar 13.537

Heat Race #1: 1) 47 Bill Heeney Jr 2) 20 Tim Lahar 3) 63 Tim Easey 4) m1 Bill Butler 5) 7 Jon McNett 5) 13 Kirk Newland

Feature: 1) 7 Jon McNett 2) 63 Tim Easey 3 ) 20 Tim Lahar 4) 47 Bill Heeney jr 5) m1 Bill Butler 6) 13 Kirk Newland

Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan Legends

Fast Time: 17 Greg Rudzik 14.658

Heat Race #1: 1) 17 Greg Rudzik 2) 11 Rich Michalak 3) 76 James Lynch 4) 89 Aaron Hurst

Feature: 1) 17 Greg Rudzik 2) 11 Rich Michalak 3) 76 James Lynch 4) 89 Aaron Hurst