Corrigan Oil Speedway adds dynamic new couple to our staff for 2019

In Track News by Jeffery Parish

Mason Mi, 11/05/2018  Corrigan Oil Speedway is very pleased to announce the addition of a fantastic power couple from the Michigan racing community. John M Ward and Tara Zandi are going to be another positive link in a strong chain being forged at Corrigan Oil Speedway.  John is the 2018 Champion of our Late Model Division. ” At the banquet John had announced his retirement from racing to devote time and effort to his son’s upcoming racing career. We think he and Tara are a fantastic fit to racing’s future ” said Jim Leasure in regards to this news.  (Jim and I had an planning meeting, and I thought John and Tara are such vibrant members of the racing community – that their energy would be fantastic for the growth of motorsports. I was very encouraged at our racing banquet when Tara indicated how strongly she felt about leaving a positive impact. She said she was 100% committed to this. Knowing John has what it takes to be a 2-time champion, I felt really strongly that they could help bring our facility to even a stronger place in the race industry. – Jeff)   John and Tara will be focusing on developing youth racing in our area and building awareness about the effective transition to full-size cars, by using Bandolero’s as a pathway to get there.  They are fun and vibrant to follow on social media and their approach to day to day life, and John has been a great asset to our track through his personal approach to promoting motorsports. Looking forward to working with these two on future projects. We are going to have a lot of fun, building awareness about the good things happening at Corrigan Oil Speedway!