Spartan Sprint Informational Page


Every driver must register but you do not have to pay a fee. If you choose to pay a $25.00 registration fee and compete in more than half of the completed events you will receive a trophy. The Champion will receive the Champions Hood. Championship Point Rules

Points Fund:

No points fund

Pit Slabs:

Every race car must park on a slab. Fees are as follows.
  • Reserved (season) - $125
  • First come, first serve (season) - $60
  • Per night (deducted from pay) - $10


Right rear must be a Hoosier M-55 (available at track). Tire and Fuel prices


Alcohol with dye only (available at track)
Must have die additive for safety. (checked during tech)


1600 lbs pre-race with driver

Other Specs:

All other rules and specifications must be consistent with AVSS, HOSS Sprints, Buckeye Super Sprints, and other pavement and dirt sprint organizations




See Spartan Rules for all general rules and information.


Mandatory Items:
a. Fuel Bladder
b. Quick release steering wheel
c. Nomex underwear
d. One piece driving suit, minimum two layer, and gloves made of nomex
e, Full face helmet, 2000 Snell approved or newer
f. Arm restraints
g. 5 point seat belts, no more than 3 years old
h. Shoulder harness must loop frame at shoulder height
i. One way radios that enable driver to hear officials.

Suggested Items:

a. Side head rest
b. Rollbar padding
c. Horse collar or head and neck restraint
d. 2 layer driving suit
e. Use of a full surround seat and upper body restraint

Race Procedures:

There will be no qualifying and drivers will draw a pill for starting heat positions. Odd numbers will be in Heat 1, and even numbers in Heat 2. Top four (4) finishers in each Heat are locked into the Feature and will redraw for starting positions 1 - 8. The fifth place finisher in Heat 1 will start ninth in the Feature and the fifth place finisher in Heat 2 will start tenth. Sixth place in Heats will start 11th and 12th and so on for the remainder of the field.

If the field exceeds 21 cars, three Heats will be ran and the top 3 from each Heat will be locked into the Feature. The same procedure as above will be used for the remainder of the Feature line-up.

In the event the 1st and 2nd place cars are involved in an incident that causes a caution, and it is determined by track officials that the 2nd place car is at fault, the 1st place car will retain their position and the 2nd place car will go to the rear.

ATV Rules:

Spartan Speedway will maintain a very serious approach toward ATV rules. These rules are very clear and do not allow for any grey areas. Monetary penalties are levied.
  • Only one (1) person on any ATV
  • Driver of ATV must have a valid drivers license
  • ATVs may be used to push Sprints only (no casual use)
  • No ATVs on the track during red flag conditions
  • The penalty for rule abuse is a $100 fine taken out of purse the first offense, $200 2nd offense.


Points for qualifying:

	1st:	20 points	9th:	8 points
	2nd:	15 points	10th:	7 points
	3rd:	14 points	11th:	6 points
	4th:	13 points	12th:	5 points
	5th:	12 points	13th:	4 points
	6th:	11 points	14th:	3 points
	7th:	10 points	15th:	2 points
	8th:	9 points
	Balance of field will receive 1 point.

Points for dashes and heats:

	1st:	10 points
	2nd:	8 points
	3rd:	6 points
	4th:	4 points

Feature Event Points:

	 1st:	200 points	 9th:	155 points	17th:	115 points
	 2nd:	190 points	10th:	150 points	18th:	110 points
	 3rd:	185 points	11th:	145 points	19th:	105 points
	 4th:	180 points	12th:	140 points	20th:	100 points
	 5th:	175 points	13th:	135 points	21st:	 95 points
	 6th:	170 points	14th:	130 points	22nd:	 90 points
	 7th:	165 points	15th:	125 points	23rd:	 90 points
	 8th:	160 points	16th:	120 points	24th:	 90 points

Additional Championship Points information is available in Section 10 of Track Rules & Procedures

Purse: (30 Laps)

1. 1000
2. 550
3. 400
4. 350
5. 325
6. 300
7. 275
8. 250
Remainder of field 250
Heats - 20, 15, 10, 10

Each car is expected to show up "race ready". Starts and stops are unacceptable and detract from the show. Each car may have only one "unexplained" start/stop per season. After the exception you will be required to explain the issue before receiving start money.