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Notice # 1: The Pure Stock division is new for the 2007 season. It was added in an attempt to provide a more affordable option to racing. Due to the many makes and models available for use, restrictions and minor changes may need to take place during the season as we learn more about this new division.

Notice #2: Any interpretations of the rules are left to the officials, whose decisions are final. Just because it is not written, does not mean you can do it. The two words to remember in this class are STOCK ONLY. In the event a car is deemed to have illegal parts the car is subject to being banned from all future race events. The driver is subject to loss of points to date, all prize money for the night and suspension from property.

Notice #3: If you are considering building or purchasing a Pure Stock we highly recommend you receive pre-registration approval prior to doing so. There may be cars that have been permanently suspended because of rule infractions.

Any questions on new rules please contact Chuck Ewing at (517) 812-1853 or through email to

Any American made RWD, 2 DR, 4 DR, Station Wagon, full-size 2WD P/U, S-series GM, Ford Ranger, or Dodge Dakota (No Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Convertible or 2 seat coupes).

The vehicle must remain in its original form. No alterations are allowed unless specifically stated in these rules. (See notice #3)

a) Stock core support only, in stock location- 50 lb. penalty for replacement.

b) Wheel Base Minimums:

	Car 108"
	P/U 108"

c) Weights: (Post race with driver)

	3200 lbs. for all V6
	3400 lbs. for all others

d) All added weight must be secured with two, " bolts. Weight must be painted white with car number on it.

e) Bumpers must be stock appearing - no sharp corners. Rounded corners only.

f) After market, stock-appearing nose and tail pieces may be used.

g) Tow hooks are required.

h) All doors must be welded shut, including tailgates.

i) Rub rails are allowed (no sharp edges).

j) Must be able to open hood and trunk with out the use of special tools. P/U's may have bed enclosed with aluminum or sheet metal but are required to have a 3' x 4' opening panel at the rear. Hood pins are required.

k) Rear and side glass must be removed. Windshield may stay or be replaced with 1/8" thick Lexan. All other glass must be removed including but not limited to taillights, headlights,turn signals, mirrors, plastic, upholstery, carpet, etc.

l) Any after market add-ons must be removed. Ex: trailer hitch

m) The battery may remain in the original factory location provided it is in a safe location and securely mounted. If the battery is relocated, it may only be relocated to the trunk area. Batteries mounted in trunk must be secured by (2) two 1" metal straps. No batteries mounted in driver's compartment.

n) Fuel tank to be mounted in trunk and secured by (2) two 1" metal straps (made for racing fuel cells are recommended). Tanks that protrude below frame rail are required to have a protective hoop. Minimum fuel cell ground clearance is 10". Fuel line must run below floor pan.

o) Front fender inner liners may be removed.

p) No frame alterations of any kind, except the rear frame rail may be replaced with square tubing if rusted out or bent from spring pocket back (at the discretion of the officials).

q) Stock appearing springs allowed, front and rear must be the same on both sides and equal. No spacer or cup adjustments of any kind allowed.

r) Must have stock floor pan from front firewall to rear of seat, in the event the floor pan is removed behind the seat a 50 lbs. weight penalty will be assessed.

s) All holes in rear firewalls must be covered with sheet metal.

t) Must have stock front firewall and in stock location.

a) Stock only to that make and model. No after market add on parts. Stock air cleaner. May use after market valve covers. No turbocharged or supercharged.

b) Strictly stock or stock replacement heads only. No camel-back heads.

c) Engine location: forward most spark plug hole in line or ahead of the upper Ball joint checked on drivers side.

d) Engine may be rebuilt to stock specs; no more than .030 clean up allowed with OEM style pistons. No made for racing pistons allowed. Prior to overbore, maximum cubic inches allowed: GM 350, Ford 351, Chrysler 360. Any factory installed engine larger than this must be pre-approved.

e) Engine must maintain 15 lbs. of vacuum at idle, in gear, with foot on brake.

f) Single exhaust only with max O.D. 2.5", stock mufflers with a single inlet and single outlet. Last 6" of exhaust must exit behind driver and be fully visible. No exhaust leaks allowed. No headers.

g) Carburetors must bolt on stock manifold (no spacers).

a) Transmission must be stock automatic, no power glides. Must have an overflow can mounted outside of driver's compartment and be connected to the transmission vent. Must have locking style dip stick. Transmission coolers are allowed.

b) Stock diameter working torque converter, OEM only, with a 1" inspection hole.

c) Drive shaft loop required and to be mounted 1/3 of the way from the front of the shaft.

d) No welded or posi-traction rear ends.

e) No aluminum wheels allowed. Standard wagon wheels or steel racing wheels are ok. 8" maximum width.

f) 1" Lug nuts are required, 5/8" wheel studs recommended.

g) D.O.T. street radial tires only. No bias ply or made for racing. Maximum width 235. No less than 70 series (no 65, 60, 50, etc.). Minimum tread wear rating of 300.

a) Must have 4 wheel hydraulic brakes in working order. (OEM ONLY)

b) No aftermarket rear Disc Brakes.

c) No cockpit brake adjusters.

a) A four point cage with four driver'e door bars, three right side door bars and a 1/8" steel plate on driver'e door bars from front upright to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail is mandatory. A front hoop may extend into the engine bay area. Tubing must be .095 gauge, 1.75" O.D. and must be padded around driver.

b) Made for racing aluminum seat, properly mounted is required.

c) Quick release five (5) point safety belt with three (3) inch minimum belt width harness securely mounted to roll cage is mandatory. The belts must also contain the original certified date tag and must be less than 3 years old.

d) Driver'e window net with quick release is required.

e) A 2 lb., currently dated B or C type dry chemical fire extinguisher is required within driver'ch.

f) Fuel injected vehicles are required to have fuel pumps wired to stop any fuel from being pumped when engine is not running.

g) A collapsible after market steering column and disconnect steering wheel is okay.

h) Steering wheel center must be padded.

i) Master shut off switch to main battery cable, placed near "A" pillar for easy access by driver and safety crew is mandatory.

j) Refer to section 4 for additional safety requirements.

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