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ABC Bodies

a) All cars will have an un-altered template tail and nose piece, mounted with the same dimensions and height as an ABC body has. No down force noses, no widened out tail panels (check Five Star dimensions, pages 14 & 15, when mounting the tail and nose pieces).

b) The roof will have an un-altered full size template roof, complete with un-altered template C pillars. The roof will be centered on your car from side to side. No off setting of the roof on the body. Full front windshield.

c) No off setting bodies. Body must be square on the chassis. You are allowed to fabricate the remaining body panels but must keep them stock appearing and with in the dimensional maximum and minimum guidelines of the ABC bodies. Body panels must attach to the nose and tail pieces in a stock fashion.

d) Spoiler max is 6 1/2" X 60". Clear material.

e) Weight may be added for minor infractions, at officials discretion (on a temporary basis).

Full Perimeter Cars:

a) Must be complete with all panels intact and remain stock appearing.

b) Spoiler maximum is 6 1/2" X 60". Clear material.

c) Maximum width is 82"

d) No sharp edges.

e) Bumpers must be rounded.

f) Side glass must be removed. Windshield may be 1/8" lexon.

g) Tow hooks are required.


a) Maximum width is 82". Measured outside to outside of tires 1" to 2" from ground.

b) Minimum wheel base is 102".

c) Fully contained shocks only. No external components, lines, canisters, etc. Coil over ok.

d) No batteries mounted in the driver's compartment. Batteries must be securely mounted.

e) Fuel tank to be mounted in trunk area and secured by at least (2) 1" metal straps. Made for racing fuel cell recommended. Fuel tanks that protrude below frame rail are required to have a protective hoop. Minimum fuel cell clearance is 10". Fuel lines must run below floor pan.

f) Drive shaft loop required.


a) Must be cast iron with 23 degree cast iron heads, wet sump, no external pumps of any kind.

b) No aluminum heads.

c) Maximum engine set back is 2 1/2" from center of upper ball joint to center of the first spark plug hole.

d) No magneto ignitions.

e) One carburetor.

Addendum #1 March 2012
The following 23 degree aluminum heads allowed:
GM # 12464298
Ford# M-6049-2304A

a) Pre-race with driver. Race ready.

b) Minimum base weight is 2850 lbs.

c) Stock front sub with tubed style chassis is 2950 lbs.

d) Full tubed front strut style chassis is 3000 lbs.

e) All weight must be painted white and properly mounted. May not be below bottom of frame rail.

a) Four working.

b) Cockpit adjusters ok.

a) Steel wheels, 8" maximum width. Any off set.

b) 1" lug nuts required.

c) Hoosier 970, 880, 800, 790 or DOT radials (60-75 series).

a) Mufflers mandatory.

b) Must exit behind driver.

c) Maximum decibel reading level of 100db.

a) A four point cage with four driver's door bars, three right side door bars and a 1/8" steel plate on driver's door bars from front upright to rear upright and from top door bar to frame rail is mandatory. A front hoop may extend into the engine bay area. Tubing must be .095 gauge, 1.75 O.D. and must be padded around driver.

b) Made for racing aluminum seat, properly mounted is required.

c) Quick release (5) five point safety belt with (3) three inch minimum belt width harness securely mounted cage is mandatory. The belts must have the original certified date tag and may be a maximum of three years old.

d) A driver's window net with quick release is required.

e) A 2lb, currently dated B or C dry type chemical fire extinguisher, with in the driver's reach is required.

f) A collapsible after market steering column and steering wheel is ok.

g) Steering wheel center must be padded.

h) Master shut off switch to main battery cable, placed near "A" pillar for easy access by driver and safety crew is mandatory.

i) Refer to Section 4 of the Spartan Speedway rules for additional general safety requirements.

a) Qualifying:

Each driver will qualify to determine their bracket. Brackets typically will be split by separation in times and do not have equal number of cars. The split between A and B divisions will be determined by the largest gap between qualifying times of mid pack cars. (see Section 5 for additional qualifying and race procedures).

b) Non-Qualifiers and Scratches:

Every driver must have a base time to be eligible to compete in any feature event. Their base time will be established through qualifying. In the event the driver scratches their base time or doesn't qualify, their base time will be determined by their best lap in a heat race.

Any driver that establishes their base time in a heat race, must start their feature in the rear.

c) Inverts:

Total for all brackets with non-qualifiers and scratches starting behind the fastest times.

d) Breakout Rules:

  • A Bracket:
    Any 2 laps .25 under qualifying time. Top 4 qualifiers are exempt.

  • B and C Brackets:
    A car any 2 laps 0.20 under their qualifying time or a car 0.25 under their qualifying time
    on the last lap only.

e) Break Out in Heats:

A,B & C... Black flagged, no points or pay for heat race. Once you break out in a heat race you may NOT scratch your time for the feature.

f) Break Out in Feature:

A,B & C... First break out, caution flag and driver is sent to the rear of the field. Second break out driver is black flagged and scored in last place.

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