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Each car must be prepared to pass a rigid safety inspection before it will be permitted to compete. Anything not covered by the rule book or technical bulletins must be submitted to Spartan thirty (30) days prior to intended use for interpretation and/or approval. Technical bulletins prevail when any discrepancies exist between the rule book and technical bulletins issued after rules are released.

a) Any and all cars will be subject to inspections before, during and after the races.

b) Spartan officials in charge of a race meet shall determine the method, type of car inspection, number of cars to be inspected, and reserves the right to impound a car competing in the sanctioned race.

c) Spartan officials assume no responsibility for impounded cars, parts, engines, etc.

d) Spartan reserves the right to set up an isolated inspection area and limit access to only the driver and 1 crew member of the vehicle being inspected.

e) At no time will any driver, owner, or pit crew member approach the scale computer without the permission from Spartan officials.

f) Weight may be added for minor rule variances.

g) All measurements and weights will be taken with driver strapped in seat in the upright position as if race ready.

h) Spartan reserves the right to impound any car for inspection purposes. Refusal to comply with this request may end in the expulsion of car, driver, and owner or any of the three, or fine and/or penalty.

i) Spartan reserves the right to confiscate any part, and/or equipment illegally used or found during the inspection. Refusal of driver and/or car owner to turn over illegal parts to Spartan officials may result in suspension for the rest of the racing season and the loss of all points from the beginning of the season to current.

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