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a) Each Spartan member, with a competitor or pit permit and who has signed the release sheet for the meet for which the competitor or pit permit is issued, is entitled to insurance as arranged by Spartan if he/she is accidentally injured as the result of extreme violent and visible means while participating in said meet. All competitors in Spartan events agree to abide by the insurance plan. Copies are available upon request.

b) No person will be allowed in the pit area until he/she has secured a competitor or pit permit and signed the release sheet for that particular race meet.

c) Competitor or pit permits are not transferable and may not be signed by anyone except to the person whom issued.

d) Any member returning to competition after injury shall be deemed to be physically fit. Further disability insurance and/or medical insurance shall cease as of that date. Any member returning to his/her usual occupation after injury shall not be entitled to further insurance as of that date.

e) Any member involved in an accident while on the racing premises and does not report to Spartan officials in charge of the event within 24 hours or before leaving the premises (providing such member is able to make such a report) will not be eligible for insurance prescribed under the insurance plan. If anyone refuses treatment or a check up, all claims on insurance are voided.

f) Insurance benefits are not available to any injured person involved in fighting.

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