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a) Before any car may take part in a sanctioned race meet it is subject to inspection by Spartan officials.

b) It is mandatory that the driver's helmet meet a minimum of Snell 95 standards with SA rating, MA or M is not acceptable. Driver must wear approved driving suit of fire resistant materials that effectively cover the body from neck to ankles and wrists. Any holes in driver's uniforms must be properly patched with approved materials. It is also recommended that drivers wear complete full coverage, fire resistant underwear, and fire resistant driving shoes. Full coverage fire resistant gloves are mandatory. It is also mandatory that all drivers wear an unaltered safety neck brace (horse collar); a head/neck restraint system is highly recommended. Window nets with a top mounted quick release system are mandatory. (See individual division rules for more safety information.)
NOTE: Snell 2000 W/SA rating will be required in 2010.

c) The head or arm of any driver shall not extend outside the door of a closed body race car while being driven in any event.

d) Use of alcohol fuel is permitted, but must have dye additive, and must have the letter "A" posted on rear of car. Non-compliance may result in a fine.

e) No race, time trial or warm up shall start unless there is adequate safety and emergency equipment on the track premises.

f) Only one person shall occupy a car at any time, except with prior approval from Spartan. Absolutely no riding on cars or trailers.

g) Approved roll bar padding is mandatory in all common areas occupied by the driver.

h) If you pull your car into the infield during race conditions you must remain in your car.

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