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a) No intoxicating liquors or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during race meets by anyone entering the pit area. (NO TOLERANCE)

b) Spartan officials reserve the right to reject or allow the entry of any person or car.

c) Before entering the racing area, a release, registration and/or entry form must be signed by all competitors. Entering the racing area without approval of Spartan officials is prohibited.

d) Misconduct related to verbal or physically abusive behavior is prohibited. This may include but is not limited to intimidation, obscene profanity/actions, inciting a fight, berating of another individual, fighting, threats or physical harm. Disregard of this rule will ultimately result in suspension from all race track property.

e) Any “registered driver” has the right to be heard by the race director or management, regarding any issue. This however is reserved for only “registered drivers”.

f) Cars shall only be driven by registered Spartan members in all events except special events pre-approved by Spartan officials.

g) All pit entrants shall appear at track in acceptable attire, including shirt and shoes.

h) The driver assumes and accepts responsibility for the actions of his pit crew and may be disqualified, suspended or fined for improper conduct by their pit crew. In the event an issue should arise and a driver or a crew member is in someone else's pit area the driver will be held accountable. The best practice is to stay in your own pit area if you think there may be potential for a problem.

i) Drivers, owners and/or mechanics shall have no claims against or cause of action for damages, expenses, or otherwise against Spartan or it's officials or promoter by reason of disqualification or damage to either car, driver or both.

j) Any car may be inspected by Spartan officials at any time.

k) There will be no dumping of any petroleum products on Spartan grounds. Containers for dumping are provided. Anyone found dumping petroleum products on the ground will receive a mandatory suspension.

l) All used tires must be removed from Spartan property at the end of racing events.

m) There will be no stopping on the race track to contest any official decision. Any person stopping may be disqualified from the race.

n) Radio or cell phone communication is not permitted on the racing surface. No mirrors.

o) Added weight must be painted white with car number on each piece and secured with (2) one half inch bolts.

p) Maximum decibel reading: 100 db at track side. Decibal readings will be monitored more frequently in 2010 and beyond. A "Deficiency Report" will be issued to a driver/car that exceeds the allowable reading of 100 decibals. The driver/car will have one week to comply.

q) 18" Tall legible numbers must appear on both doors and roof. A 6" number must also appear on the upper right corner of the windshield.

r) Every driver is required to attend the "driver's meeting"; failure to do so may result in forfeiture of qualifying time.

s) Transponders are required for each competitor unless Spartan officials choose an alternate scoring method. Transponders are distributed at the pit gate and require a person to be a registered driver and to submit their driver's license until their transponder is returned. Transponders are returned to the payoff window, the driver's license is returned at that time. In the event a transponder is not immediately returned after completion of a competitor's event a deposit of $400.00 must be made to Spartan and the $400.00 will be returned at the end of the race season if all conditions have been met. Transponders must be mounted per Spartan instructions. In the event the registered driver enters the race surface without a transponder present and properly mounted on their vehicle, their vehicle will not be recognized or scored as being included in the event. In the event of transponder failure during qualifying, Spartan officials will allow competitors to requalify.

t) Any vehicle using anti-freeze will be fined $50.00 and deducted from pay.

u) Tire soaking is not permitted. Penalties may include a 20 week suspension.

v) Excessive speed (over 15 mph) in the pits is a serious infraction. Drivers will be penalized for speeding in the pits.

w) Raceceivers are required for all competitors.

x) All rules and regulations in the Spartan rule book are subject to interpretation by Spartan officials.

y) Drivers causing unnecessary delays in a race are subject to the black flag (EX: Not going directly to your assigned position, not giving room to a driver trying to get into their assigned position. Not going directly to the rear as directed by the flagman). Two unassisted spins in the same event will be cause for you to be black flagged for that event.

z) Breakout rule: Latemodels and Modifieds... If you are found to be racing .25 (1/4) of a second under your qualifying time for any two laps, in any event, you will cause a yellow flag and be sent to the rear of the field. You will be allowed to continue racing and will not receive any further penalty. However, you will start the remainder of your day’s events from the rear of the starting field and your qualifying run will be disqualified. Should the infraction occur in your heat race, you will start at the rear of the consi. Top four qualifiers are exempt from break out times. Also, the breakout rule is not used in a consi.

Spartan Stock Breakout Rule
Pony Stock Breakout Rule

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