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There is no registration fee unless you want to be eligible for Championship Point Fund money. (See Section 11)

Point Fund Eligibility Fee - $75.00 for Late Models, Modifieds and Sprints
                             $50.00 for Pure Stocks
                             $35.00 for Pony Stocks

a) All drivers must register prior to competing. Any driver who is not registered will not be allowed to compete until the registration form is complete.

b) All driver registrations are subject to approval or rejection. A registration can be used only by the driver to whom it is issued and any driver who allows any person to use or attempt to use his/her registration in any manner shall be subject to disciplinary action.

c) Drivers that compete in more than one division must be registered in each division to receive prize money.

d) A vehicle may register and compete in only one division.


a) All drivers must be of minimum age as directed and approved by our insurance provider. This policy may change without notice.

b) The minimum age requirements for each class are:

Pony Stock: 13
Pure Stock: 13
Sportsman: 16
Modified: 16
Late Model: 16
Sprints: 16
Figure 8: 18

c) Any person under 18 must have current minor release forms on file for each year. For more information and/or to obtain a minor release form, call the speedway office at: (517) 244-1042


a) All race cars must be parked on a slab. In order to reserve the same slab season to season you must do so by April 1. You may not loan, rent, or otherwise reassign your slab. With your cooperation we can keep slab fees affordable.

Slab Fees:

  • A. Reserved (includes Sundays) - $125
  • B. Season (first come first serve) - $60
  • C: Per Night (deducted from pay) - $10

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