Mentorship Program

Spartan Speedway is proud to continue the Mentorship program for the 2011 season. The program introduces interested people of all ages to the inside aspects of auto racing.

This program is intended to build on the future of local short track racing by matching novices up with an experienced team that will serve as a mentor(s) through out the race season. The Mentorship program will give a new person the necessary insight as to what it takes to be a driver or crew member responsible for getting a car race ready, as well as making adjustments and tweaking the car for optimum performance. A program such as this can accelerate the learning curve and make the sport of auto racing much more fun right from the start.

This program is for male and female parties of all ages. If you have ever considered getting involved in auto racing this program is perfect for you, and there is no cost involved. Anyone interested can contact the office at 517-244-1042.

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